🧠 The New York Times sues OpenAI

PLUS: Pika 1.0 finally available to everyone

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  • ⚖️ The New York Times sues OpenAI

  • 🤖 AI tool of the day - Pika 1.0 is finally available to everyone

  • 🔥 5 trending AI tools

  • 📱 Sam Altman and Jony Ive enlist iPhone design chief to work on breakthrough AI device

  • 📊 Tutorial: How to use ChatGPT to write Excel formulas

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⚖️ The New York Times sues OpenAI

The New York Times has filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft, seeking billions in damages. This legal action could mark a crucial juncture in the debate over AI and copyright laws.

Central to the NYT's lawsuit is the claim that ChatGPT often produces outputs that are verbatim extracts from their articles, many of which are behind a paywall and therefore not freely accessible to the public. This action, according to the NYT, directly affects both their ad-based and subscription-based revenue models.

Why does it matter? The outcome of this lawsuit might be a defining moment in the future of generative AI. A ruling in favor of the NYT could significantly slow down the advancement of AI startups, which would then face stricter controls on the use of online data for their training. Conversely, a decision favoring OpenAI would establish a crucial precedent, potentially allowing for broader use of this kind of data.

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⚡ Pika 1.0 is finally available to everyone

The wait is finally over. After some time in closed beta, Pika Labs has finally made their AI video generator Pika 1.0 accessible to the public. What exactly is Pika? It's essentially the video equivalent of what Midjourney and DALL-E 3 are for images.

Key features of Pika 1.0:

  • Photo-to-Video: it can turn static images into dynamic videos, like animating a meme.

  • Text-to-video: the classic prompt-based AI generation, just like DALL-E 3 and Midjourney.

  • Style Transformation: users can alter the style of their videos, such as changing a live-action clip into a cartoon.

  • Editable Elements: it allows tweaking various aspects like a character's outfit, camera perspectives, and movements, all through simple text commands.

  • Video Extension: Pika 1.0 can intelligently extend the length of a video by predicting and creating additional content beyond the original footage.

Just yesterday, we talked about Google's VideoPoet, and now there's more to be excited about with Pika going public. At the same time, Runway keeps making their AI video tools even better. It's an awesome time for anyone looking to incorporate AI into their video creation process.


💻 Kombai

Input your design files. Get high-quality HTML, CSS or React code in a click. (link)

🎵 Suno.ai

Make any song you can imagine. (link)

👥 Avatars by Neiro Studio

Generate video avatars with human-like features and micro-expressions that accurately represent your brand script or audio speech. (link)

🤖 AnswerFlow AI

Build unlimited custom ChatGPT Bots, trained on your Data. (link)

🔍 Osum

Get instant access to detailed competitive research, SWOT analysis, buyer personas, growth opportunities and more for any product or business at the push of a button. (link)


📱 Sam Altman and Jony Ive enlist iPhone design chief to work on breakthrough AI device

Jony Ive, legendary Apple’s former head of design, and Sam Altman of OpenAI are joining forces in a new venture focused on artificial intelligence hardware. They've enlisted Tang Tan, Apple veteran with a history in iPhone and Apple Watch design, to bring his expertise to the table. Tan will play a pivotal role in hardware engineering at Ive's design firm, LoveFrom.

The venture's goal is ambitious: to create AI devices that are both technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing. While details remain scarce, the combination of Ive's design prowess and Altman's AI expertise promises to deliver something both innovative and impactful in the tech world.

Read more here


📊 How to use ChatGPT to write Excel formulas

Did you know that ChatGPT can be a handy tool for writing Excel formulas? It's not just for chatting or writing articles; it can actually help you with those tricky Excel tasks. In a ZDNet tutorial, they show you how to use ChatGPT for this purpose. Whether you're already good with Excel or sometimes struggle with formulas, this guide is really helpful. It simplifies the whole process, making it easier and faster to get your Excel work done. Let's check out their step-by-step guide and see how it works.

Read the tutorial here


🐦️️ 9 new things we will be able to do with AI in 2024


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