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  • 🧠 Google delays launch of next-gen AI model Gemini to 2024

🧠 Google delays launch of next-gen AI model Gemini to 2024

PLUS: Amazon announces Titan AI image generator

Happy Monday, AI enthusiasts!


  • 🕐 Google delays launch of next-gen AI model Gemini to 2024

  • 🤖 AI tool of the day - Amazon announces Titan AI image generat

  • ⏳️ OpenAI’s GPT store delayed to next year

  • 🔥 5 trending AI tools

  • ⚡️ 5 quick and fresh AI updates

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🕐 Google delays launch of next-gen AI model Gemini to 2024

Logo, Google Sydney

Google's upcoming AI model, Gemini, initially slated for release in late 2023, has had its launch postponed to early 2024. This delay is primarily due to the model's struggles with processing non-English language prompts, a critical factor for its global user base. This development led to the cancellation of several launch events in major cities. While Google already offers Bard, its ChatGPT alternative, the delay of Gemini underscores the challenges in AI development. These are often overlooked, especially considering the significant advances generative artificial intelligence has achieved in the last year.

The tech world is eagerly waiting for Gemini. that is seen as a potential major player in the AI field. Expected to have even more computational power than ChatGPT, experts believe it could be the first large language model to really compete with OpenAI’s creation, making its delayed launch a topic of considerable interest in the tech community.


🤖 Amazon announces Titan AI image generator

At AWS re:Invent 2023, Amazon introduced the Titan Image Generator, an AI tool for generating and customizing images, available in preview for AWS customers on Bedrock. This release adds Amazon to the ranks of tech giants offering AI-powered image generation capabilities.

  • Titan Image Generator can create new images from text descriptions or alter existing ones.

  • It was trained on diverse datasets, with options for fine-tuning, and includes bias and toxicity mitigations.

  • Images generated will have an invisible watermark to prevent AI-generated misinformation and abuse.

Why it matters? The launch of Amazon's Titan Image Generator might be a milestone in the progress of AI image generators. Its emphasis on dataset diversity and ethical considerations, like watermarking to prevent misuse, reflects a growing trend of responsible AI development.

More info here


⏳️ OpenAI’s GPT store delayed to next year

OpenAI Logo in 3D. Feel free to contact me through email mariia@shalabaieva.com

OpenAI has recently informed subscribers of its GPT Builder program that the launch of the GPT store has been delayed to next year. The company explained in the email that they've been sidetracked by several unexpected events, resulting in the delay. Initially, OpenAI planned to roll out the store this December, a slight shift from their earlier promise at a November developer conference to launch it within that month.

The company has been navigating through a series of internal upheavals. This includes the brief ouster of CEO Sam Altman, a significant revolt among employees, the departure of senior executives, the introduction of a new CEO, and eventually reinstating Altman.

Despite these internal challenges, OpenAI has been making progress on ChatGPT, including updates and improved functionalities on the custom GPT platform.

The GPT store, when launched, will serve as a marketplace where OpenAI's GPT builders can sell and share their GPT creations.


💬 Dubbing AI

Change your voice to any character you want in real-time in gaming, streaming, or meetings, while retaining your emotions, intonations, and delivery. (link)

🗃 Parseur

AI data extraction made ridiculously simple. (link)

👤 Avatar Generator by HeadshotPro

Create a cute avatar from your photo. Powered by DALL-E 3. Avatar Generator will analyze your photo, describe it in words, and generate a new image from scratch. (link)

🖌 PhotoRoom

Erase any background, remove objects with a swipe, create backgrounds instantly and edit hundreds of photos in seconds. (link)

🪄 Decktopus AI

Use AI to create the perfect presentation in the shortest time without any design skills. (link)


🐦️️ Magnific’s breakthrough upscaling tool


🌎️ Language Coach

Practice speaking another language like a local without being a local. (link)

📔 AlphaNotes

Transform YouTube videos or web articles into your personal study guide or study aids, making learning efficient and enjoyable. (link)

🥗 Recipe Snap

Crafts recipes from your ingredient photos. (link)


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