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Anthropic has launched Claude 3, a new large language model that they claim outperforms rivals like OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's Gemini. Claude 3 comes in three variations (Opus, Sonnet, Haiku) with Opus boasting "near-human" intelligence. Academic benchmarks indicate Opus surpasses established leaders in AI language generation.

  • Claude 3's Opus model outperforms GPT-4 in academic tests, showcasing superior performance in knowledge retention, problem-solving, code generation, and reasoning

  • Sonnet and Haiku models also demonstrate higher capabilities than GPT-3.5

  • Claude 3 offers a context window of up to 1 million tokens, surpassing GPT-4's capabilities

  • Claude 3 is less cautious than its predecessor, an handles a broader range of prompts without unnecessary refusals

Why it matters: Claude 3's arrival marks a turning point in the race for large language model dominance. This sudden surge in capabilities from competitors could force OpenAI to accelerate GPT-5's development timeline to maintain its leadership position in this rapidly evolving field.

Sonnet is free to use on Claude's site. However, the more powerful Opus model requires a Claude Pro account.
Claude Pro is not yet available in the EU - if you are European and want to try Opus, you can use a third-party bot aggregator like Poe.

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Synthflow has developed a revolutionary conversational AI voice agent platform that's set to change the way businesses interact with their customers. With Synthflow, you can easily create human-like AI voice assistants that can make outbound calls, answer inbound calls, and schedule appointments 24/7 - all without requiring any coding skills.

  • Automate Repetitive Tasks: Outbound calls, inbound queries, scheduling? Let Synthflow handle it.

  • Personalized Interaction: Tailor voices, train with your data for a natural experience.

  • Text + Voice Synergy: Seamlessly interpret conversations for optimal results.

  • Appointment Booking Made Easy: Real-time availability checks and instant scheduling.

  • Boost Conversion Rates: Automated SMS follow-ups keep leads engaged.

Synthflow puts the power of conversational AI into your hands, empowering businesses of all sizes to provide exceptional customer service 24/7 while saving costs and focusing on growth. With its intuitive platform and flexible pricing, Synthflow helps you stay ahead in the evolving world of customer experience.


🎥 AI Studios

Text to video platform with AI avatars. (link)

🗣 Anytalk

Real-time video and audio translation app. (link)

🪄 Dataku

Seamlessly extract valuable insights from documents and texts. (link)

🎙️ AI Podcast Transcription

Generate text transcripts for your podcast episodes. (link)

🔊 Wondercraft

Canva for audio. (link)

🔍️ Oso AI

Censorship-free AI and search engine. (link)

🛡️️ Corgea

Secures vulnerable code and frees up engineering to focus on things that matter. (link)


After a year of GPT-4's reign, what's the ONE thing Claude 3 and Gemini Ultra should focus on to compete?

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