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  • 🧠 Amazon launches Q, its business-oriented AI chatbot

🧠 Amazon launches Q, its business-oriented AI chatbot

PLUS: 3 ways to use GPT-4 without a ChatGPT Plus subscription

Happy Wednesday, AI enthusiasts!


  • 🧠 Amazon launches Q, its business-oriented AI chatbot

  • 🤖 AI tool of the day - Wondershare Virbo: create engaging AI videos for your business in minutes

  • 💬 3 ways to use GPT-4 without a ChatGPT Plus subscription

  • 🔥 5 trending AI tools

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🧠 Amazon launches Q, its business-oriented AI chatbot

Amazon has unveiled Amazon Q, a new generative AI chatbot tailored for businesses. Like OpenAI's ChatGPT, Amazon Q simulates human conversation, assisting in tasks such as drafting emails, summarizing reports, content writing, project management, and more. It also aids IT professionals and developers with research, coding, bug troubleshooting, and app development. Integrated with Gmail, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, and Slack, Q enhances data accessibility.

Currently available in select U.S. areas, it offers a standard plan at $20 per month and a technical staff plan at $25 per month.

This launch comes as Amazon continues investing in AI, following the introduction of its AI toolkit, Bedrock, a significant investment in AI startup Anthropic. Additionally, Amazon plans to launch Olympus, a highly advanced language model, next year.

Ok but… What makes it different from ChatGPT?

Amazon Q excels in integrating with a company's existing systems and data. Unlike ChatGPT, which is more general-purpose, Q can be customized to understand specific business needs, jargon, and operational nuances. This unique adaptation allows it to seamlessly draft business-specific documents, offer tailored advice, and even interact with company-specific software like Salesforce and Jira, providing a richer, more contextualized and business-oriented user experience.

More info here


🎥 Wondershare Virbo: create engaging AI videos for your business in minutes

The tool we're spotlighting today breaks the mold of what was considered feasible even a year ago.
We are talking about Wondershare Virbo, an AI-driven powerhouse enabling the creation of comprehensive videos narrated by high-quality AI Avatars, all originating from a basic text prompt.

Tailored for both marketing initiatives and educational content, Virbo offers an array of over 300 realistic avatars, each modeled on actual actors, accompanied by a diverse selection of over 300 voices in 40+ languages. Virbo’s royalty-free assets and cross-platform functionality make it perfect for creating professional-grade content on the go.

Whether you're a business looking to build stronger customer relationships, create engaging promotional videos or informative content, Virbo's got you covered.

More info here


💬 3 ways to use GPT-4 without a ChatGPT Plus subscription

For those curious about GPT-4 but hesitant to commit to a subscription, there are several ways to explore its capabilities without signing up for ChatGPT Plus.

First off, Bing Chat is your go-to. Thanks to Microsoft's collaboration with OpenAI, Bing Chat in Microsoft Edge provides free GPT-4 access. Keep in mind, there's a cap on the number of chats per day.

If you don’t want to use Bing (despite its higher message cap), Perplexity.ai is another option. In order to use GPT-4, you need to create a free account and enable the "Copilot" mode. The catch? There's a limit of five questions every four hours.

For Chrome users, the Merlin browser extension offers a handy alternative. While it limits you to three GPT-4 queries per day, it's a straightforward way to get a taste of the AI's capabilities.

Whether you're a casual user or an AI enthusiast, these tools provide a cost-free gateway to exploring GPT-4's impressive capabilities before committing to a subscription.


🏦 Fortune

AI-powered accountant that connects all your banks in one place, leverages AI to automate accounting, track cash flow and forecast. Available for 15k+ banks in Europe, Canada and US. (link)

💡 Walling AI

Turn your idea into a complete project in seconds with AI. (link)

🧠 ZixFlow

Manage, engage, & retain customers, with AI. (link)

▶️ Morise.ai

AI powered tools for youtube creators. (link)

🖌 Illustroke

Vector illustrations from text prompts. (link)


🤖️ Grimoire

Coding wizard. (link)

🖋 OpenStorytelling Plus

AI-driven creative writing & screenplay tool: ideation, outlining, character, scenes, subtext for stories, books, film scripts & more. (link)

🖍 ToonGPT

Turn drawings into illustrations. (link)


🐦️️ The full potential of GPTs is yet to be uncovered


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