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  • 🧠 Amazon is working on new AI model codenamed 'Olympus'

🧠 Amazon is working on new AI model codenamed 'Olympus'

PLUS: unemployed man uses AI to apply for 5,000 jobs, gets 20 interviews

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  • 🧠 Amazon is working on new AI model codenamed 'Olympus'

  • 🤖️ Dante AI: train a custom chatbot on your data and embed it on your website

  • 🧑‍💻️ Unemployed man uses AI to apply for 5,000 jobs, gets 20 interviews

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🧠 Amazon is working on new AI model codenamed 'Olympus'

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Amazon's latest venture into the world of large language models (LLMs) suggests they're not just dipping a toe in the water—they're diving in headfirst. They've already shown interest with investments in projects like Anthropic's Claude, but now they're gearing up to craft ‘Olympus’, an LLM of their own, and it’s shaping up to be a direct competitor to ChatGPT.

Olympus is Amazon's ambitious undertaking, set to be a behemoth with two trillion parameters—double that of GPT-4. This massive scale suggests a model not only with a deep understanding of human language but also with the potential to significantly advance how AI can interact and assist.

At the helm of Project Olympus is Rohit Prasad, the former head of Alexa. Now as the lead scientist of AGI at Amazon, Prasad is unifying the company's AI endeavors, bringing together top talent from Alexa AI and Amazon's science teams.

My take: it's pretty wild to see Amazon throw its hat so vigorously into the LLM ring. Olympus is not just a step; it's a giant leap, potentially reshaping the cloud services landscape. If they pull it off, AWS might just become the go-to powerhouse for cutting-edge AI, which, honestly, could be a game changer.

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🤖 Dante AI: train a custom chatbot on your data and embed it on your website

The digital landscape is rapidly evolving, and chatbots are leading the charge in enhancing user experiences. Meet Dante AI - a cutting-edge chatbot builder designed for personalization and ease.

This tool allows you to create and train your own AI chatbots using your unique content, from files to videos, without any coding hassles. Moreover, with Dante, you can personalize your chatbot further, choose how it responds, and integrate it smoothly with your website.

Its expansive API also ensures smooth communication and integration with over 5,000+ applications through Zapier. Most notably, Dante's multilingual support of over 100 languages guarantees global accessibility. Discover the full potential of Dante AI below.

More info here


🧑‍💻️ Unemployed man uses AI to apply for 5,000 jobs, gets 20 interviews

Job hunting has morphed into a digital battlefield, with both sides wielding AI as their weapon of choice.

Julian Joseph, a software engineer, decided to use the AI tool LazyApply in order to send out 5,000 job applications in a single click. The result? Joseph's tactic secured him 20 job interviews—a considerable achievement when you consider the amount of time it would have taken to achieve the same result through traditional methods.

My take: this raises an eyebrow at the current state of the hiring process. With AI on both sides of the hiring desk, recruiters might soon find themselves filtering through masses of AI-submitted applications, possibly overlooking quality candidates, but at the same time this also proves that by effectively leveraging AI, you can gain a significant advantage over your competitors.

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✍️ NoteGenie

AI-driven platform that seamlessly enhances clinical documentation, streamlines educational notes, and optimizes legal case reports. (link)

✉️ EmailTree

Automate Your Responses with an AI-powered tool that leverages your internal knowledge base for swift and accurate replies. (link)

🔈 Recast

Recast takes the hassle out of reading long articles, by turning them into entertaining, informative, and easy-to-understand audio conversations. (link)

💫 Clockwise

AI scheduling and calendar automation that coordinates the way you, your team, and your company prefer to work. (link)

🎞 Typpo

Effortlessly create engaging videos in seconds. Simply speak into your phone and let Typpo’s advanced A.I. technology transform your words into fun and visually stunning animations. (link)


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