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  • 🧠 How to write perfect prompts for Claude and ChatGPT

🧠 How to write perfect prompts for Claude and ChatGPT

PLUS: Sam Altman hints at new AI model

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Welcome back, AI enthusiasts!


  • 🧠 Sam Altman hints at new AI model

  • 🔥 5 trending AI tools

  • 🤖 How to write the perfect prompt

  • ⚡️ 5 quick and fresh AI updates

  • 🐦 What do you see?

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🧠 Sam Altman hints at new AI model

The AI race is heating up, and the latest releases of Claude 3 and Gemini have put OpenAI on notice. After a year of GPT-4's dominance, these cutting-edge models have finally managed to surpass it, putting pressure on OpenAI to maintain their position as the AI leader.

A Twitter user playfully jabbed at OpenAI, saying, "Openai is nothing without its drama." But CEO Sam Altman seemed confident in his reply: what OpenAI has in store will be "worth the wait." His words suggest a groundbreaking innovation that could redefine the AI landscape.

As anticipation builds, everyone is wondering what OpenAI has up its sleeve. Will they leap ahead once more, leaving the competition behind?

What do you expect from GPT-5?

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🖼️ Fotor: Online photo editor for everyone (link)

🚀 Gemini AI Side Panel: Supercharge productivity in your browser with Gemini AI. (link)

🗣️ Anytalk: Real-time translator and voiceover for meetings. (link)

🔍 IdeaApe: “The AI market research tool that works.” (link)

💬 BoltAI: A ChatGPT app for Mac. (link)


🤖 How to write perfect prompts for Claude and ChatGPT

As an avid user of ChatGPT, I've always been impressed by its capabilities. However, since the release of Claude 3 Opus last week, I've been exploring its potential and it outshines GPT in several tasks.

Anthropic has released a fantastic prompting guide to help users get the most out of Claude, and the best part is that even if you prefer to stick with ChatGPT, most of the advice in the guide can be applied to enhance your prompting skills with the good old GPT-4.

  • Provide clear instructions and context for optimal responses

  • Use examples to illustrate desired output style or format

  • Assign Claude a specific role to enhance performance

  • Utilize XML tags for structured prompts and responses (not needed with ChatGPT)

  • Break down complex tasks into manageable steps

  • Encourage step-by-step thinking for improved output quality

  • Guide Claude's output by starting its response with a few words

  • Specify the desired output format for consistency and readability

  • Request revisions based on a rubric for iterative improvements

  • Optimize prompts to leverage Claude's longer context windows

By implementing these prompting techniques, you can unlock the full potential of Claude 3 or enhance your ChatGPT experience. Take a look at the full guide (they provide interesting examples and use cases) and feel free to experiment with these strategies to create more engaging and effective interactions with your chosen AI assistant.


🐦️️ What do you see?

Squint your eyes away from the screen. Full gallery in the Instagram post.


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