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  • 🤖 Two friends used AI and $185 to start a side hustle and sold it for $150,000

🤖 Two friends used AI and $185 to start a side hustle and sold it for $150,000

PLUS: The rise and fall of OpenAI's project ‘Arrakis’

Happy Thursday, AI enthusiasts!


  • 🤖 Two friends use AI and $185 to start a side hustle and sell it for $150,000

  • 💡 AI tool of the day - Gamma AI: a new way to give life to your ideas

  • OpenAI reportedly canceled project ‘Arrakis’, as GPT-4 is more efficient

  • 🦾 Nvidia partners with Foxconn to build factories and systems for the ‘AI industrial revolution’

  • 🔥 5 trending AI tools

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  • 💡 5 quick and fresh AI updates

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🤖 Two friends use AI and $185 to start a side hustle and sell it for $150,000

Sal Aiello and Monica Powers turned a small investment into a significant profit using artificial intelligence. Beginning with an innovative approach to utilizing ChatGPT for market research, they noticed a niche for refining questions to garner valuable answers.

Capitalizing on Aiello's tech startup experience and Powers' product design background, they launched DimeADozen, a tool offering entrepreneurs insight into their business ideas via AI-powered research. This tool, designed to maximize ChatGPT's potential, processes user-provided data and produces a comprehensive report in a fraction of the time conventional methods require.

In just seven months, DimeADozen generated over $66,000 in profit. Recently, the pair sold their venture for $150,000 to Felipe Arosemena and Danielle de Corneille, who plan to take the project full-time.

Why does it matter? It's incredible how AI, combined with strategic thinking, can lead to such rapid success. Aiello and Powers' journey underscores the potential of AI tools in modern business, highlighting the need for innovation and adaptation in today's fast-paced market.

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💡 Gamma AI, a new way to give life to your ideas

Gamma is an impressive tool that leverages AI technology to generate working drafts of documents, presentations, and webpages from prompts.

• Streamlined process: with Gamma, you can create a working draft in seconds and restyle your entire work with just one click, eliminating the need for slide masters or template lock-ins.

• Enhanced engagement: The ability to embed a variety of elements, such as GIFs, videos, charts, and websites, helps capture and sustain the audience's attention.

• Simplified collaboration: built-in analytics, quick reactions, and straightforward comments make it easier to collaborate, gather feedback, and share content across different devices.

More info here - Take a look at the following video, it's worth a thousand words.


OpenAI reportedly canceled project ‘Arrakis’, as GPT-4 is more efficient

Chat GPT,Chat GPT Logo,Open IA,Open IA Logo,Microsoft

OpenAI recently halted the development of its new AI model, Arrakis, aiming to create a more cost-efficient GPT-4 by using the sparse principle.

  • Sparse vs. Dense: The sparse principle activates only portions of the neural network during processing, contrasting traditional dense models.

  • Performance Concerns: Despite initial success, Arrakis faced performance challenges which led to its discontinuation.

  • Future Plans: The knowledge acquired from Arrakis may influence OpenAI’s future projects, including the Gobi multimodal model.

It's intriguing to see how even giants like OpenAI face technical hurdles. Although Arrakis didn't pan out as hoped, it's a testament to the complexities of AI evolution. The experience garnered here will undoubtedly shape future advancements.

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🦾 Nvidia partners with Foxconn to build factories and systems for the ‘AI industrial revolution’

NVIDIA and Foxconn have announced a collaboration to accelerate the AI industrial revolution. This partnership will involve integrating NVIDIA's technologies into a new class of data centers developed by Foxconn.

  • The collaboration will lead to the creation of AI factories powered by NVIDIA's advanced GPU computing infrastructure.

  • Foxconn's future offerings will include smart EVs, manufacturing robotics, and smart city solutions all built on NVIDIA platforms.

  • Foxconn, known for its vast global scale, eyes setting up its AI factory and also plans to deliver AI-driven electric vehicles using NVIDIA's DRIVE™ solutions.

Why does it matter? This partnership signifies a monumental leap in the AI industry. Combining NVIDIA's technological prowess with Foxconn's manufacturing expertise, we are on the brink of an AI-led transformation that could redefine industries. As AI evolves and grows, partnerships like these highlight a future where intelligent systems and solutions take center stage.

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🗃 AiTax

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to prepare and file your taxes. (link)

🧑‍💻️ Scribe

Turn any process or workflow into a visual step-by-step guide, instantly. (link)

💼 Kickresume

AI tool to automate CV creation. (link)

🧠 Heyday

Remember more of what you learn. Automatically. Heyday is an AI-powered memory assistant that resurfaces content you forgot about while you browse the web. (link)


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