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  • 💬 Translate your voice into any language using AI

💬 Translate your voice into any language using AI

PLUS: A new way to hack OpenAI's ChatGPT

Happy Wednesday, AI enthusiasts!


  • 👀 PimEyes, the dangerous technology even Google was afraid to release

  • 💬 Translate your voice into any language using AI

  • 🪄 Adobe Firefly’s generative AI models can now create vector graphics in Illustrator

  • 🚩️ ‘Ukuhumusha’ - A new way to hack OpenAI's ChatGPT

  • 🔥 5 trending AI tools

  • 💡 5 quick and fresh AI updates

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👀 PimEyes, the dangerous technology even Google was afraid to release

The introduction of PimEyes, a strong facial recognition tool, is changing how we look at personal privacy and online identification. With just a photo, it aims to reveal a person’s identity, showcasing its ability on platforms like TikTok.

  • PimEyes, developed in 2017 by Polish programmers, is now facing criticism despite its intended use of helping people monitor their online presence.

  • The absence of US federal rules on facial recognition technology opens the door for more services like PimEyes, sparking concerns about privacy and misuse.

  • While big tech companies like Google have been cautious in the past about releasing similar tools, the rise of PimEyes and others suggests a growing trend towards advanced facial recognition technology.

The story of PimEyes highlights the double-edged sword of technological progress; the benefit of online identification comes with the potential downside of privacy invasion. As we venture into this new territory, the need for strong rules and regulations becomes crucial to ensure facial recognition technology is used responsibly.

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💬 Translate your voice into any language using AI

ElevenLabs, an innovator in voice AI technology, has introduced their new AI Dubbing feature. Imagine being able to break down language barriers, offering accessible content to people everywhere: the AI Dubbing tool translates spoken words into a different language within minutes, all while keeping the sound of the original speaker’s voice.

This isn’t just a techy tool; it’s a gateway that allows content to be felt and understood by diverse audiences all over the world. The use cases of ElevenLabs’s new tool are endless, it’s a new way to share stories, lessons, and ideas with a truly global audience, without losing the unique touch of the original speaker's voice.

More info here - Try it here


🪄 Adobe Firefly’s generative AI models can now create vector graphics in Illustrator

Adobe recently disclosed major updates to its AI image synthesis features across various products. The announcement showcased three new generative AI models - Firefly 2, Firefly Design Model, and Firefly Vector Model, with the latter launching Adobe's first text-to-vector AI image generator.

  • Enhanced Image Quality: Firefly Image 2 model significantly improves image quality, focusing on detailed aspects like foliage and skin texture.

  • AI-Powered Editing: New AI-driven editing capabilities allow adjustments in photo settings like motion blur and depth of field.

  • Vector Graphics Generation: Firefly models for Illustrator now enable creating editable vector images from text prompts, marking Adobe's foray into vector graphics generation through AI.

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🚩️ ‘Ukuhumusha’ - A new way to hack OpenAI's ChatGPT

Researchers from Brown University discovered a significant vulnerability in OpenAI’s GPT-4 security, finding that the AI could be tricked to respond to harmful prompts by using less common languages like Zulu or Gaelic.

  • Researchers bypassed security checks with a 79% success rate using these languages, as opposed to less than 1% success rate with English.

  • By translating a forbidden prompt about shoplifting into Zulu, they managed to get a harmful response from GPT-4, revealing a crucial loophole.

  • Despite OpenAI's efforts like the "Red Team" initiatives, the study underlines the need for a multilingual approach to security testing.

This revelation of a linguistic blind spot in GPT-4’s security highlights a crucial area for improvement. As AI tools like ChatGPT become more common, embracing a wider range of languages in security testing is essential to ensure robustness and safety for a diverse user base.

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