🧠 Samsung unveils the first AI phone

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  • 🧠 Samsung unveils the first AI phone

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Samsung unveiled its latest flagship smartphone series, the Galaxy S24, at its Galaxy Unpacked event this week. With a major focus on AI, the S24 lineup aims to deliver next-generation features to enhance productivity, creativity, and connectivity for users.


  • The S24's Live Translate allows you to have natural conversations in different languages, with the phone translating everything seamlessly in real-time.

  • AI-powered editing tools let you quickly touch up photos and videos right on your phone, filling in backgrounds, adjusting subjects, and clarifying dark or blurry shots.

  • A new "Circle to Search" feature lets you encircle anything on your screen to get contextual info from Google, like performing an image search.

I can't help but admire the ambitious AI integration and innovation Samsung has achieved with the Galaxy S24 lineup. Samsung is wagering people want an AI assistant to help with everyday tasks and enhance creativity. If executed successfully, the extensive AI capabilities could usher in a new era of smarter smartphones.


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