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  • 🧠 Samsung unveils ChatGPT alternative Samsung Gauss

🧠 Samsung unveils ChatGPT alternative Samsung Gauss

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  • 🧠 Samsung unveils ChatGPT alternative Samsung Gauss

  • 🤖️ AI tool of the day - Perfecting prompts with the power of PromptPerfect

  • ▶️️ YouTube generative AI will soon let you have a conversation about video you’ve just watched

  • 💡 ChatGPT's knowledge cutoff date is now April 2023

  • 🔥 5 trending AI tools

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  • ⚡️ 5 quick and fresh AI updates

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🧠 Samsung unveils ChatGPT alternative Samsung Gauss

Samsung has marked its entry into the generative AI market with the introduction of Samsung Gauss at the Samsung AI Forum 2023.

Samsung Gauss is a multifaceted AI model comprising three distinct elements: Language, Code, and Image. Each is designed to integrate with Samsung's ecosystem to enhance the user experience across their devices.

  • Language: Mirrors ChatGPT's conversational intelligence, offering language understanding and question-answering capabilities.

  • Code: Assisted by code.i, it focuses on streamlining the coding process, from drafting to testing.

  • Image: Specializes in image generation and editing, notably upscaling images from low to high resolution.

Why does it matter? Having another major tech player investing in AI propels innovation, diversifies the market, and potentially leads to more ethical and secure AI practices due to increased scrutiny and competition. Samsung's entry might be the catalyst for more developments in AI, as multiple heavyweights strive to outdo each other, ultimately benefiting consumers and technology alike.

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🤖 Perfecting prompts with the power of PromptPerfect

In the dynamic world of AI, the right tools can truly make a difference in the quality of the output. One such critical factor in harnessing optimal AI-generated content is the art and science of prompt engineering.

If you've found it challenging to craft the perfect prompts or been stymied by the technicalities, there's something you might want to explore. PromptPerfect is emerging as a noteworthy solution in this space, catering not just to prompt engineers but also content creators and AI developers.

Whether you're working with GPT-4, Claude, or any advanced model, this platform promises to make prompt development a smoother journey.

More info here


▶️️ YouTube generative AI will soon let you have a conversation about video you’ve just watched

YouTube is currently testing a new feature that could change the way we interact with videos. In a select trial for some Premium users in the US, the video giant is experimenting with a conversational AI that allows viewers to ask questions about the content they've just watched. This feature, which includes a handy 'Ask' button with a Bard-inspired logo, is designed to provide video summaries and delve into related topics at the user's request. In tandem, YouTube is also organizing comments by topics, making it easier for users to navigate conversations and discover the most relevant discussions.

The rollout of conversational AI on YouTube marks a major leap in making our video-watching experience more interactive and tailored to our interests, transforming the once passive act of watching videos into an engaging conversation that deepens our knowledge and connection with the content we view.

Read more here


💡 ChatGPT's knowledge cutoff date is now April 2023

Chat GPT,Chat GPT Logo,Open IA,Open IA Logo,Microsoft

During the recent DevDay event, the ChatGPT team announced an update that probably didn’t get the attention it deserves, given the amount of breakthrough updates they announced: the AI now has information up to April 2023, expanding from its earlier January 2022 knowledge cutoff. This upgrade may seem small, but it's a significant step forward. It also reflects a continuous effort to enhance not only ChatGPT’s 'brain' but also its knowledge base.


📷 1PhotoAI

Generate beautiful AI photos from a single Selfie. (link)

🤖 Querio

Querio offers user-friendly analytics, allowing you to seamlessly connect platforms like HubSpot to app databases and easily retrieve data without the need for SQL, Python, or Excel expertise. (link)

🌐 Glimpse

Glimpse is a browser extension that understands any site you visit. (link)

🚀 Cardinal

Cardinal is an AI-driven feature backlog tool that integrates customer feedback, CRM data, and task management issues to prioritize features based on customer demand and align them with your product strategy. (link)

💬 Lovo

Realistic text to speech & voice cloning. (link)


🐦️️ Developers are already on fire

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