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  • 🧠 OpenAI's next frontier: ChatGPT-powered search engine on the horizon

🧠 OpenAI's next frontier: ChatGPT-powered search engine on the horizon

PLUS: Meta's AI tools for advertisers

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  • 🧠 OpenAI's next frontier: ChatGPT-powered search engine on the horizon

  • 🔥 An entirely new way to present ideas

  • 🚀 8 AI tools to get hired 10x faster

  • 🤖 Meta’s AI tools for advertisers can now create full new images, not just new backgrounds

  • ⚡️ 5 quick and fresh AI updates

  • 🐦️️ YouTube’s new AI features

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OpenAI, the creator of the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT, is rumored to be launching a new search engine powered by its technology soon. This move could potentially challenge the dominance of Google and other major search engines in the market.

The rumored ChatGPT-powered search engine is expected to provide users with a more comprehensive and accurate search experience by incorporating web-based information, citations from reputable sources, and even images alongside written responses. This could mark a significant shift from OpenAI's existing partnership with Microsoft's Bing search engine.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has previously expressed interest in creating a search experience that goes beyond the basic results offered by current search engines. If executed well, this new product could capitalize on the current AI hype and pose a substantial challenge to Google's search supremacy.

The rumor of OpenAI launching a ChatGPT-powered search engine has gained further traction as the company is reportedly trying to poach Google employees to work on this project. According to a report by The Verge, OpenAI has been targeting Googlers to join its team in developing a search engine for the popular AI chatbot. This move suggests that OpenAI is serious about entering the search engine market and is looking to acquire top talent from its potential competitor to bolster its efforts.

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An entirely new way to present ideas

Gamma’s AI creates beautiful presentations, websites, and more. No design or coding skills required. Try it free today.


🚀 8 AI tools to get hired 10x faster

Landing your dream job can be a daunting task in today's competitive market, but with the right tools, you can significantly enhance your chances. The following AI-powered tools offer innovative ways to streamline your job search, prepare for interviews, and make a memorable impression on potential employers.

  1. AutoApply Jobs: Simplify your job application process by using AutoApply Jobs to automatically submit your resume to multiple listings with a single click.

  2. TheJobForMe: Get personalized job recommendations by exploring over 100,000 potential careers tailored to your skills and preferences.

  3. JobHunnt: Your AI-Powered Job Application Assistant for Faster Hiring.

  4. JobScan: Optimizes your resume by highlighting key experience and skills for any job.

  5. Aragon AI: transform your selfies into high-quality, professional photos.

  6. Yoodli AI: Your secret weapon for acing online job interviews. Get private, real-time speech coaching without judgment.

  7. MetaviewAI acts as your AI notetaker, summarizing key points and generating comprehensive notes from your interviews

  8. FinalScout: Expand your network by turning LinkedIn profiles into actionable email lists.

Hat tip to: Hasan Toor on X


Meta has recently unveiled a new set of generative AI tools designed to revolutionize the way advertisers create and customize their ad content. These AI-powered features aim to streamline the creative process, allowing advertisers to generate full image variations, tailor text prompts, and seamlessly adapt their ad assets to various formats, ultimately saving time and boosting ad performance.

  • Full image variations: Advertisers can now request AI-generated variations of their ad images, offering fresh ideas for the overall photo, subject, or product being advertised.

  • Text prompts and overlays: Advertisers will soon be able to provide text prompts to customize image variations and add text overlays using popular font typefaces.

  • Image expansion: The AI-driven image expansion feature, previously available for Feed, now supports Reels across both Facebook and Instagram, allowing advertisers to easily adjust their creative assets to fit different aspect ratios.

By leveraging these features, advertisers can enhance their ad creativity, adapt to various formats effortlessly, and potentially improve their return on ad spend.


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