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PLUS: Baidu unveils new Ernie AI version to rival GPT-4

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  • 🧠 OpenAI has quietly changed its 'core values,' shifting toward AGI

  • 🗓 AI tool of the day - Cal.ai: meet the future of AI scheduling

  • 🤖 China's Baidu unveils new Ernie AI version to rival GPT-4

  • 🔥 5 trending AI tools

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  • 💡 5 quick and fresh AI updates

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🧠 OpenAI has quietly changed its 'core values,' shifting toward AGI

OpenAI quietly revamped its "core values". Once boasting attributes like "Thoughtful" and "Audacious," they've now shifted their spotlight onto "AGI focus" among others.

  • AGI focus prominently heads the new list, signifying a prioritization of artificial general intelligence.

  • CEO Sam Altman's definition of AGI has seen a transition, from superhuman capabilities to attributes mirroring the average human.

  • Some older values have found semblance in the new ones, while others, like "Thoughtful," have seemingly vanished.

Why does it matter: the recalibration of OpenAI's core values paints an intriguing picture of the company's future trajectory. It's evident that AGI, a concept both lauded and debated, is at the forefront of their vision. While its potential to revolutionize industries is undeniable, concerns about its unchecked evolution and implications for society persist. The big question is: Can we create AI that thinks like us without causing problems? OpenAI's new focus puts them right at the center of this big debate.

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Biometric Authentication: No Cost Proof of Concept

The world’s fastest and most secure facial recognition and liveness detection vendor is offering a Zero Cost, Zero Commitment, Full Featured Proof of Concept.

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Compatible with IOS and Android, RESTful API’s, completely integrated into your existing operations.

Customer Onboarding | Liveness Detection | Face Recognition (1:1 & 1:N) | Age Verification | Iris Detection | Fraud Prevention against 60+ Spoofing Attacks

Speed to value in replacing manual and outdated verification methods with 3D liveness detection and AI driven face recognition with unparalleled accuracy in under 1 second.

Apply Now for your own full featured Proof-of-Concept.

Patent pending, ibeta and NIST certified compliant with the highest levels of data protection. Control your data in your own data centers.


🗓 Cal.ai: meet the future of AI scheduling

In the realm of time management, Cal.ai offers some innovative tools. Essentially, it functions as an AI-driven platform, aiming to simplify the scheduling process.

Users can select their desired Cal.com username, making identity recognition straightforward. One of its features allows forwarding of emails to a specific address, after which the AI steps in to manage the details. This not only facilitates setting up meetings but also checking other people's availability without hassle.

A standout feature is the capability to hand off the task of rescheduling, removing the back-and-forth often associated with it. Additionally, for those using Cal Video, a transcription and meeting summary is provided, streamlining post-meeting activities.

More info here


🤖 China's Baidu unveils new Ernie AI version to rival GPT-4

At a recent event in Beijing, Robin Li, the man behind China's tech giant Baidu, made a bold announcement. He claims that their new AI chatbot, named Ernie 4.0, can now compete head-to-head with the famous GPT-4 developed by OpenAI.

  • Baidu proudly showcased Ernie 4.0 live, where it tackled tough questions and solved problems instantly.

  • Even with a notable 45 million users, Ernie still trails the popularity of ChatGPT, which boasts 180 million users.

  • Previous versions of Ernie had underwhelmed investors, so this new claim has caught many by surprise.

  • Baidu is pouring resources into AI, aiming to become China's top AI innovator.

The advancement of Baidu in the AI world is a big deal. It shows China's growing influence in tech. Despite the advancements, challenges lie ahead for Baidu. With US sanctions restricting China's access to cutting-edge AI chips and Beijing's strict content regulations, there remains uncertainty in the country's AI future.

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🚀 Visme

All-in-one platform for creating presentations, documents, data visualizations, videos and other branded content. (link)

⚖️ LegalNow

Create or Review Your Legal Documents with Lawyer-Grade AI. (link)


Accelerate your document research through AI Summarize multi-format content, simplify complex topics, and extract desired information. (link)

🛋 Fill3d

Upload a photo of an empty room, draw rectangles, describe the furniture you want, and render a photorealistic image in a minute. (link)

🎞 Capsule

The AI-powered video editor for content and marketing teams. (link)


🖼️ Midjourney vs DALL-E 3 vs Firefly 2


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