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  • 🧠 OpenAI unleashes Sora, its groundbreaking AI video model

🧠 OpenAI unleashes Sora, its groundbreaking AI video model

PLUS: Google's new AI

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  • 🧠 OpenAI unleashes Sora, its groundbreaking AI video model

  • 🤖 Google introduces Gemini Pro 1.5

  • 🔥 5 trending AI tools

  • 👀 Meta’s new AI model learns by watching videos

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In a surprise move, OpenAI has unleashed Sora – a revolutionary AI video generator that's unlike anything the market has seen. Sora shatters previous limitations, producing minute-long, photorealistic videos with quality far exceeding rivals like Runway ML and Pika. Its power to transform simple text into cinematic creations is a glimpse into the future of content production.

  • Generates stunning, minute-long videos from text descriptions.

  • Its quality surpasses industry leaders, marking a new era in AI video.

  • Handles complex motions, interactions, and emotions with unprecedented realism.

  • Currently accessible to select creators for testing and feedback.

Sora is a groundbreaking revelation of AI's potential in video creation. This surprise announcement signals a major shift in the AI landscape, demonstrating a leap in video generation capabilities that nobody saw coming. As the technology evolves, it promises to transform the way we tell stories, advertise, and experience visual media.

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Just one week after launching Gemini Ultra 1.0, Google unveiled Gemini Pro 1.5, the next-generation version of its second most powerful AI language model. This version boasts superior performance, groundbreaking long-context understanding, and dramatically improved efficiency. With up to a 1 million token context window, 1.5 ushers in vast new possibilities for developers and users.

  • Gemini 1.5 Pro matches the quality of larger 1.0 Ultra model in various tasks, using less resources.

  • 1 million token context window (with one single query it can analyze data equivalent to multiple novels, huge codebases, or hours of video), 8 times more than GPT-4 Turbo.

  • Improved reasoning across content formats and problem-solving on massive codebases.

Gemini's ability to understand massive datasets makes it a breakthrough in AI. This demonstrates Google's incredible pace of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what AI can do. At this rate, we're left wondering what groundbreaking achievements might happen tomorrow in the world of AI.


🧠 Fabric AI: Copilot for all your apps, clouds and files. Add content to Fabric or connect your apps, and just ask. (link)

✍️ Audio Writer: Record your spontaneous thoughts, this app will turn them into clear & coherent in writing (link)

💙 Deepen: The ultimate AI self-care companion on your journey to mental well-being. (link)

🚀Levy by StyleAI: Build your website in seconds with Levi, your AI assistant. (link)

Questgen: Generate quizzes from any text in one click using AI. (link)


Meta has created a new AI that learns by watching videos, just like we do! Called V-JEPA, it studies footage and tries to guess what happened in 'blacked-out' sections. Meta's top AI scientist thinks this could be a major step towards AI that truly understands the world.

  • V-JEPA analyzes videos instead of reading text, understanding how things move and interact.

  • This knowledge could make future AI assistants (even in AR glasses) way smarter.

  • Might make AI easier to create, not just for tech giants but smaller companies too.

Why it matters: Meta's video AI is a big deal! It could lead to AI that learns naturally, mirroring how we understand our surroundings. This means smarter virtual helpers, more accessible AI tools, and perhaps even AI that gets closer to thinking like us.

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