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  • 🧠 OpenAI to showcase Sora to Hollywood studios

🧠 OpenAI to showcase Sora to Hollywood studios

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  • 🎞️ OpenAI to showcase Sora to Hollywood studios

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  • 💬 Translate your voice into any language using AI

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🎞️ OpenAI to showcase Sora to Hollywood studios for possible integration into their work


It seems OpenAI is taking a proactive approach in introducing its new text-to-video generator, Sora, to the Hollywood scene. The company is showcasing Sora to Hollywood bigwigs, here's what we know so far:

  • Sora's potential: its ability to generate visuals from text descriptions could impact processes like storyboarding, pre-visualization, and even special effects creation.

  • Goal: OpenAI's primary objective seems to be familiarizing filmmakers with Sora's capabilities and exploring potential use cases within film production.

  • Early access: some sources suggest that OpenAI has already granted access to Sora to certain prominent actors and directors, allowing them to experiment with the technology.

AI-powered tools like Sora have the potential to significantly change how movies are made. This could lead to faster production timelines, new creative possibilities, and perhaps even lower costs. Of course, there are concerns about the impact on jobs within the industry, as well as questions about artistic control and the integrity of traditional filmmaking methods.


Artificial Intelligence online short course from MIT

Study artificial intelligence and gain the knowledge to support its integration into your organization. If you're looking to gain a competitive edge in today's business world, then this artificial intelligence online course may be the perfect option for you.

  • Key AI management and leadership insights to support informed, strategic decision making.

  • A practical grounding in AI and its business applications, helping you to transform your organization into a future-forward business.

  • A road map for the strategic implementation of AI technologies in a business context.


🤖 Imagica, build a no-code AI app in minutes

Imagica.ai presents a new perspective on app development, making it accessible to a wider spectrum of individuals beyond those with coding knowledge.

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Toolset: The platform boasts a robust collection of over four million functions. This versatility addresses a plethora of application requirements.

  • E-Commerce Integration: Imagica is not limited to app building alone. Its inherent e-commerce features facilitate the creation of apps that can efficiently manage transactions.

  • Extended Reach: The platform’s capability isn’t restricted to a niche user base. Through its integration, app creators can submit their designs to Natural OS, magnifying their global audience.

In the dynamic sphere of technology, Imagica is a testament to a shift in the paradigm. As the synergy between AI and technology augments, platforms like Imagica emphasize a future dominated not by mere technical skill, but by the power of imaginative innovation.


🗓 Motion

Motion increases productivity by 137%, with automation and AI that intelligently plan your day, schedule meetings, and build the perfect to-do list. (link)

🧠 TinyEinstein

An AI Marketing manager that helps you grow your Shopify store 10x faster with almost zero time investment from you. (link)

📚 Shortform

Way more than book summaries. Learn key points and gain insights you won't find anywhere else. Understand the world’s best ideas. (link)

🪄 AI Logo Maker (Android app)

Create a logo design without designing using Generative A.I., just type the text and select a style. (link)

🦄 Ryan (iOS and Android apps)

Ryan crafts personalized and engaging stories for children with endless variation. With the help of modern AI you get to choose lessons and topics that both entertain and educate. (link)


💬 Translate your voice into any language using AI

Did you know you can translate your voice into any language in just a few easy steps?
Imagine being able to break down language barriers, offering accessible content to people everywhere: ElevenLabs’s AI Dubbing tool translates spoken words into a different language within minutes, all while keeping the sound of the original speaker’s voice.

This isn’t just a techy tool; it’s a gateway that allows content to be felt and understood by diverse audiences all over the world. The use cases of ElevenLabs’s new tool are endless, it’s a new way to share stories, lessons, and ideas with a truly global audience, without losing the unique touch of the original speaker's voice.

Try it here


🐦️️ Create viral videos for YouTube with ChatGPT


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