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  • 🧠 OpenAI pauses new ChatGPT Plus subscriptions following post-DevDay usage spike

🧠 OpenAI pauses new ChatGPT Plus subscriptions following post-DevDay usage spike

PLUS: Delegate repetitive emails to AI

Happy Wednesday, AI enthusiasts!


  • 🧠 OpenAI pauses new ChatGPT Plus subscriptions following post-DevDay usage spike

  • 📨 AI tool of the day - Hypertype: delegate repetitive emails to AI

  • 🤖️ Notion’s new Q&A feature: chat with your Notion AI notes and get instant answers

  • 🔥 5 trending AI tools

  • 🚀 3 trending GPTs

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  • ⚡️ 5 quick and fresh AI updates

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🧠 OpenAI pauses new ChatGPT Plus subscriptions following post-DevDay usage spike

AI's surge in popularity has hit a new peak, especially after OpenAI's showcase of fresh innovations at last week's DevDay. The influx of users was so massive that OpenAI had to pause new subscriptions, asking new users to join a waitlist. OpenAI's chief, Sam Altman, relayed that they're focusing on quality, ensuring that the current user experience doesn't dip under the weight of high demand.

Despite a host of up-and-comers in the AI space trying to snag the spotlight, it's clear that ChatGPT still holds the crown. The fact that OpenAI had to press pause on new sign-ups after their DevDay event says a lot—there's a real hunger out there for what they're serving up. So, for all the rivals out there, it's a signal loud and clear: there's still a lot of ground to cover to reach the kind of pull that ChatGPT has.

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📨 Hypertype: delegate repetitive emails to AI

In today's busy work environment, effectively managing email can be a constant struggle. But startup Hypertype aims to provide some relief with its new AI assistant technology.

Hypertype works by analyzing the content and context of each incoming message, then pulling the most useful information from your email history, documents, spreadsheets, and knowledge base to auto-generate thoughtful and personalized responses.

With just a single click, Hypertype can create detailed replies tailored to each email that sound like they were manually written just for that sender. Early users report the technology is surprisingly accurate and nuanced. While bots drafting emails raises some ethical questions, there's no doubt Hypertype could help knowledge workers be more productive by eliminating tedious manual responses.

The service claims to keep all data private and secure as well. For those drowning in their inbox, Hypertype may offer a lifeline to effectively communicate while freeing up more time.


🤖️ Notion’s new Q&A feature: chat with your Notion AI notes and get instant answers

Notion has rolled out a beta feature called Q&A, an AI chat that digs through your workspace for answers. It’s designed to be as intuitive as asking a co-worker for information. With Q&A, you can quickly access the details tucked away in your Notion pages, whether it's project details, notes, or documents.

The idea is to make your search for answers as effortless as possible: type your question and let Notion handle the rest, offering up the needed information without the usual hunt through files and folders. It’s an especially useful tool for anyone new to a project or role, providing a summary of essential documents in seconds. Q&A is accessible through a simple search or a click on the icon in Notion, and it’s also available via a keyboard shortcut, keeping answers at your fingertips, no matter where you are on your computer.

Notion's Q&A is like a breath of fresh digital air, promising to cut the clutter and get straight to the point. If it delivers on its promise to mesh with our work rhythm, this could be the start of a more intelligent, interactive digital workspace where information comes to you, not the other way around.


🌐 Durable

The AI website builder that generates an entire website with images and copy in seconds. (link)

💖 Deepen

The ultimate self-care companion on your journey to mental well-being. A space to explore and understand yourself. (link)

🏷️ Namora

GPT-4 powered assistant for sales reps, SDRs, and AE's to supercharge their prospecting, research, and messaging and close more deals. (link)

👥 Keplar

Delivers interactive models of your target customers using influencer audiences and 1st-party data. Assume nothing, deploy creatives faster than ever, and get enterprise scale at startup speeds. (link)

▶️ Pika

Text-to-Video platform that can unleash your creativity simply by typing (generates only small clips for now). (link)


🪄 Logo Creator

Generate professional logos with this GPT. (link)

🖼 DALLE3 with Parameters

Adapts MidJourney's parameters for DALL·E 3. (link)

✏️ Drawn to Style

Transforms drawings into artistic styles, and describes them. (link)


🐦️️ YouTube ads need better moderation


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