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  • 🧠 OpenAI partners with Axel Springer in push for real-time content

🧠 OpenAI partners with Axel Springer in push for real-time content

PLUS: Multimodal smart glasses

Happy Friday, AI enthusiasts!


  • 🤝 OpenAI partners with Axel Springer in push for real-time content

  • 🤖 AI tool of the day - Watto AI: create documents in minutes, not hours

  • 🕶️ Meta begins testing a GPT-4V rival multimodal AI in Ray Ban smart glasses

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🤝 OpenAI partners with Axel Springer to bring real-time content to ChatGPT

Axel Springer, the media giant behind names like Business Insider and Politico, has teamed up with OpenAI. This partnership will allow ChatGPT to quickly sum up articles from these publications, even the ones usually locked behind paywalls. Additionally, Axel Springer’s publications will provide quality content the training of OpenAI’s large language models.

This is a big deal because it's quite different from how other media companies have been dealing with AI – many have kept their content off-limits to AI tools. It's a bold step in bringing together the worlds of AI and journalism.

  • Axel Springer’s move is a first of its kind, giving ChatGPT the ability to offer brief overviews of news from around the world, complete with links to the full stories for anyone wanting to dive deeper.

  • OpenAI is not slowing down. They’re continuously improving GPT-4, aiming to stay ahead in the AI race against big names like Google’s Gemini Ultra and Elon Musk's Grok, which is known for its up-to-the-minute news feeds.

  • This partnership really highlights how AI is becoming more important in the news world, mixing up-to-date news with the latest in AI tech.

This deal is a big step in the evolution of journalism and AI. It’s bringing together the traditional world of news with the innovative world of AI. By doing this, AI tools like ChatGPT don’t just stay relevant; they become a more insightful and useful resource for us, giving us a fresh way to stay on top of what’s happening in the world.

Read OpenAI’s announcement

It seems we might be at the beginning of a significant change in how traditional media interacts with AI technologies. What do you think?

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🤖 Watto AI: create documents in minutes, not hours

Watto AI is a tool designed to make document creation simpler and smarter. It's especially useful for professionals who often work with documents like Requirements Documents, One Pagers, or WhitePapers.

Here's what stands out:

  • Multi-Platform Connectivity: Integrates with over 10 platforms, including Google Suite and Jira, ensuring secure knowledge transfer.

  • AI-Driven Creation: Utilizes AI to produce high-quality documents, showcasing your expertise while saving time.

  • Co-Pilot Features: Offers tools like rephrase and shorten, transforming drafts into polished documents rapidly.

  • Quality Templates: PRDs, One Pagers, and more, making it easy to get started.

If you need to make your document creation process less time-consuming and more effective, Watto might be the right tool for you.


🕶️ Meta begins testing a GPT-4V rival multimodal AI in Ray Ban smart glasses

Meta is enhancing its Ray-Ban smart glasses with new AI features that are currently in a limited trial phase. These features enable the glasses to understand and respond to what they see and hear. Demonstrating their capabilities, Mark Zuckerberg showed in an Instagram video how the glasses, with the help of AI, can provide fashion advice. For instance, he asked which pants would go well with a particular shirt, and the AI assistant came up with suitable suggestions.

Beyond fashion tips, these smart glasses are equipped to handle more. They can translate written text, recognize objects and create captions for images. It's a big step for wearable technology, turning ordinary glasses into an interactive AI tool that can assist with a variety of tasks, making everyday interactions more convenient and intelligent.

Will this new Ray-Ban smart glasses update be the knockout punch for the AI Pin?

Read more here


🧑 D-ID Creative Reality Studio

Create customized digital humans that look, sound, and speak like real people. (link)

💼 LinkoAI

Personalize every LinkedIn message with the help of AI. (link)

🧠 AI Assistant

Save time on research, documents management, and content generation. AI Assistant remembers your preferences and uses that knowledge to give you superpowers. (link)

🤖 Chatio.ai

Use Chatio to build & automate conversational chatbots on your website. ai customer support tailored to your business. (link)

🎬 Descript

A tool to write, record, transcribe, edit, collaborate, and share your videos and podcasts. (link)


✍️ Automated Blog Post Writer

Craft professionally written, and researched, blog posts in your unique voice. (link)

🌐 WebPilot

Browse Anything & Write Everything. (link)

🎞️ Gif-PT

Make a gif. Uses Dalle3 to make a spritesheet, then code interpreter to slice it and animate. (link)


🐦️️ A clever prompting technique

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