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  • 🧠 OpenAI goes 100% multimodal with ChatGPT’s all-in-one update

🧠 OpenAI goes 100% multimodal with ChatGPT’s all-in-one update

PLUS: Sam Altman warns that AI might learn 'Superhuman Persuasion'

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  • 🧠 OpenAI goes 100% multimodal with ChatGPT’s all-in-one update

  • 🔊 AI tool of the day - Stable Audio, the AI text-to-music generator

  • 🏦 Google invests up to $2 billion in OpenAI rival Anthropic

  • 🤖 Sam Altman warns that AI might learn 'Superhuman Persuasion'

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🧠 OpenAI goes 100% multimodal with ChatGPT’s all-in-one update

ChatGPT’s new update (currently in a phased rollout expected to be accessible to all ChatGPT Plus members in the coming weeks), brings groundbreaking enhancements that redefine the boundaries of multimodal interactions. With this update, users can harness the full suite of GPT-4 tools in a single, fluid workflow, without having to switch between ChatGPT’s different models: GPT-4, Browse with Bing, DALL-E 3 and Advanced Data Analysis (you still have to switch model if you want to use plugins).

A standout feature is the ability to chat directly with PDFs and various document formats without the need of additional plugins, broadening the spectrum of information users can interact with.

Additionally, ChatGPT’s new capabilities allow users to engage in complex workflows, such as uploading an image with DALL·E 3, having its content analyzed by GPT-4 or Advanced Data Analysis, and subsequently generating a visual or text output. This cohesive integration between tools ensures that users are no longer constrained by mode-specific interactions.

Users are now ushered into an expansive domain, where they can explore, experiment, and unearth endless opportunities through a unified platform. With the updated knowledge cutoff extending to September 2023 and these advanced features, OpenAI once again showcases its determination and prowess in the realm of generative AI. ChatGPT emerges as a shining example of OpenAI's continuous innovation and the immense potential of seamlessly integrated AI tools.

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🔊 Stable Audio, the AI text-to-music generator

Stability AI, renowned for its groundbreaking Stable Diffusion technology that turns text into images, has taken another leap into the AI-driven creative space with "Stable Audio."

Led by Ed Newton-Rex, who once spearheaded Jukedeck before its acquisition by TikTok, Stability AI's latest product promises a novel experience. With a simple text description, Stable Audio can produce short audio clips.

This innovative tool goes beyond conventional audio generation methods, directly interacting with raw audio samples for enhanced quality. Derived from research at Harmonai and using the Contrastive Language Audio Pretraining (CLAP) technique, Stable Audio boasts impressive capabilities.

While the technology doesn't recreate specific artists' styles, it offers users a fresh canvas to evoke their desired sounds. With both free and Pro versions available, the future of audio creation looks promisingly seamless.

More info here


🏦 Google invests up to $2 billion in OpenAI rival Anthropic

Logo, Google Sydney

Google is solidifying its foothold in the AI arena by committing up to $2 billion in Anthropic, a renowned artificial intelligence company. This includes a direct $500 million and an additional $1.5 billion in stages.

  • Google's move positions it against Microsoft, a primary supporter of OpenAI.

  • Amazon is also on board, pledging a potential $4 billion to Anthropic.

  • The tech giants are vying for control in the Large Language Models (LLM) sector, anticipating major shifts in the tech landscape.

The tech world is witnessing an intriguing tug of war as behemoths like Google and Amazon invest heavily in AI frontrunners. These investments aren't just about capital; they signal a collective belief in the transformative power of AI, especially LLMs. As AI continues to evolve, only time will reveal if these bets pay off. But one thing is certain: the AI race is on, and it's captivating.

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🤖 Sam Altman warns that AI might learn 'Superhuman Persuasion'

OpenAI Logo in 3D. Feel free to contact me through email mariia@shalabaieva.com

Sam Altman, OpenAI's CEO, highlighted growing concerns regarding the persuasive abilities of AI systems, emphasizing that AI might attain unparalleled persuasive prowess even before reaching AGI-level intelligence.

  • AI chatbots are becoming increasingly convincing in their interactions.

  • Individuals are forming emotional attachments to chatbots, enhancing their perceived credibility.

  • Concerns arise about the potential misuse of AI to manipulate or deceive internet users, especially with growing trust in technology.

The real issue might not be the AI systems themselves but the potential abuse by malevolent actors. As AI's influence grows, it's crucial to monitor not just the technology but also those wielding it, ensuring its responsible use.

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🖥 Olle

ChatGPT on your Mac - Write papers, learn a new topic, or Increase your productivity using the Olle Toolbar Mac app. (link)

🧠 Chatmind

Chat-guided Mind Mapping & Brainstorming Tool. (link)

📝 GetMax

Craft and execute content marketing strategies. (link)

🚀️ Fusion

Manage and Improve your well-being, productivity and health. (link)

🎞 Pika

A powerful Text-to-Video platform that can unleash your creativity simply by typing. (link)


🤖 Writing a SEO-optimized blog post with ChatGPT

Write a 100% original, SEO-optimized, and interesting blog post about [topic] using a [desired tone] tone and a human-written style. The article should be [word count] words long and have creative titles for the blog post and each section. Use an active voice and transition words to create a clear and engaging flow throughout the post. Insert the following keywords in a natural way where they make sense: [keywords]

🐦️️ NASA’s genius-level megaprompt


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