🧠 OpenAI blog leaks info about GPT-4.5

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  • 🧠 Apple is reportedly exploring a partnership with Google for Gemini-powered feature on iPhones

  • 🔥 5 trending AI tools

  • 🤖 AI tool of the day - Magnific AI’s style transfer is here

  • OpenAI blog leaks info about GPT-4.5

  • ⚡️ 5 quick and fresh AI updates

  • 🐦 How to optimize your Claude 3 prompts

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Jan. 2020, Chengdu, China - Two staffs was looking down the crowd in Taikoo Li shopping center through the window of the Apple Store. Although people’s enthusiasm for shopping seemed not to have been deterred by the Corona virus from Wuhan because of the coming lunar New Year, many of them was wearing surgical masks. So did the Apple staffs.

A potential mega-deal between tech giants is on the horizon. Apple is reportedly exploring a partnership with Google to bring its Gemini AI model to future iPhones. This collaboration could reshape the iPhone's AI capabilities while solidifying Google's position in the AI market.

  • Rapid AI growth: Licensing Gemini could dramatically speed up Apple's ability to implement advanced AI features in the iPhone.

  • Competitive pressure: The move suggests Apple is feeling the heat to keep pace with rapid innovation showcased by Microsoft, OpenAI, and others.

  • In-house AI struggles: Apple's exploration of third-party AI tech hints at possible delays or obstacles in its internal AI development efforts.

  • Despite Gemini's past issues with bias and inaccuracies, its power could still offer Apple significant gains.

While Apple continues to develop its in-house AI models, the potential integration of Gemini raises questions about how the company will balance its own technology with external partnerships. If the deal goes through, both companies will need to demonstrate how they can leverage advanced AI capabilities while maintaining Apple's commitment to user privacy and minimizing the risks of bias and misinformation.


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We previously explored the magic behind Magnific's AI upscaling, where low-resolution images were brought back to life with incredible detail and clarity. Now, the Magnific team pushes boundaries further with the introduction of their brand new Style Transfer feature!

Style Transfer allows you to apply the artistic style of one image to another, essentially creating a whole new visual experience, or to completely restyle any image with a simple text prompt.

It’s a game-changer for anyone looking to add an artistic touch to their projects. With its user-friendly interface and powerful AI, it empowers both casual users and seasoned creatives to explore a whole new world of artistic expression.

Take a look at Javi Lopez’s tweet below for some examples:


It looks like OpenAI accidentally leaked information about the next ChatGPT version, GPT-4.5 Turbo. A product page briefly appeared on search engines, boasting faster speeds, improved accuracy, and the ability to process even more information than before.

  • The teaser highlights a doubled context window (now 256,000 tokens) and up-to-date knowledge through June 2024, suggesting a late 2024 release.

  • The leak may be a strategic counter to Anthropic's Claude 3, demonstrating OpenAI's lead on paper while a June release builds an actual lead.

This leak hints at OpenAI's sense of urgency in the face of rapid advancements by competitors like Claude 3 and Gemini Ultra. This intense competition fuels innovation, forcing all players to push for faster, more accurate, and increasingly capable AI systems– which ultimately benefits end-users.


🚀 You can now use Copilot's GPT-4 Turbo model for free

Google's presentation software has a new Gemini AI powered feature that is basically magic

🧠 New prompt engineering technique known as the step-around is gaining steam as generative AI becomes less forthright

🕶️ Meta's Ray-Ban smart glasses are becoming AI-powered tour guides

🔊 “I just got early access to ElevenLabs' AI sound effect generator — here's what it can do


🐦️️ How to optimize your Claude 3 prompts


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