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  • 🧠 OpenAI announces cross-chat memory for ChatGPT

🧠 OpenAI announces cross-chat memory for ChatGPT

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  • 🧠 OpenAI announces cross-chat memory for ChatGPT

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OpenAI Logo in 3D. Feel free to contact me through email mariia@shalabaieva.com

Greg Brockman, Co-Founder and President of OpenAI, recently tweeted about a significant advancement for ChatGPT: the introduction of a memory feature that will allow the AI to learn from user interactions over time and carry this information across different chats.

  • Continuity in Conversation: ChatGPT will retain informations between chats. Hopefully users won't have to repeat themselves every time they open a new chat.

  • Personalization and Learning: The AI will learn your details and preferences and improve over time.

  • Privacy and user Control: users will have full control over this feature. They will be able to reset the memory or opt-out from this feature entirely.

This update marks a considerable evolution in user experience and capabilities of conversational AI, with AI becoming more of a personal assistant, learning and adapting to individual user needs and preferences.


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Imagica.ai presents a new perspective on app development, making it accessible to a wider spectrum of individuals beyond those with coding knowledge.

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Toolset: The platform boasts a robust collection of over four million functions. This versatility addresses a plethora of application requirements.

  • E-Commerce Integration: Imagica is not limited to app building alone. Its inherent e-commerce features facilitate the creation of apps that can efficiently manage transactions.

  • Extended Reach: The platform’s capability isn’t restricted to a niche user base. Through its integration, app creators can submit their designs to Natural OS, magnifying their global audience.

In the dynamic sphere of technology, Imagica is a testament to a shift in the paradigm. As the synergy between AI and technology augments, platforms like Imagica emphasize a future dominated not by mere technical skill, but by the power of imaginative innovation.


👥 Doppl

The most accurate AI simulation of you, built for privacy and data security. (link)

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🗓️ Vimcal

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Intelligent assistants like ChatGPT and Google Gemini are changing the game by not only understanding our natural language but also engaging in meaningful conversations and performing a wide range of tasks.

In this article, Geeky Gadgets dives deep into the world of the two most popular generative AI systems, Google Gemini Pro and OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4. These two are leading the pack by mimicking human abilities to understand, respond, and empathize. But, they have different origins and training data, which means they each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Read more here


💡 Creating an effective Facebook Ad copy

Brainstorm 20 compelling headlines for a Facebook ad promoting [product] for [audience].
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