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  • 🧠 Adobe’s GenStudio brings brand-safe generative AI to everyone

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  • 👓 Meta teases its next big hardware release: its first AR glasses

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  • 🐦 How to make custom black and white icons with AI

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Xembly – Your company’s new AI executive assistant

  • Need to schedule a meeting with 7+ people? 

  • Need to take meeting notes while staying engaged?  

  • Need to manage your deliverables and deadlines?

Meet Xena by Xembly, your company’s new AI executive assistant that does the work for you — giving you 400 hours extra a year.


Adobe has launched GenStudio, a new application that combines generative AI with brand safety measures to help marketers create personalized content. The tool assists in creating social media posts, email campaigns, and display ads, with website creation support coming soon. GenStudio aims to be an end-to-end solution for tailoring content to different channels and audience segments.

Key features:

  • Content creation, campaign management, and analytics tools

  • Integration with Adobe enterprise services like Workfront, Journey Analytics, and Experience Manager

  • Lightweight version of Adobe Express for additional edits

  • Brand guidelines settings to ensure brand-safe visual and textual content

  • Custom models based on existing brand assets using new APIs

  • Detailed analytics for data-driven marketers to optimize campaigns

Why it matters: GenStudio addresses the need for personalized content creation at scale while ensuring brand safety. By integrating with existing Adobe services and providing detailed analytics, the tool empowers marketers to create tailored content efficiently. As brands navigate the challenges of reaching customers across multiple channels, GenStudio offers a solution that leverages the power of generative AI with built-in safeguards.


Remember the days when ChatGPT was the only chatbot on the block? Fast forward to today, and the options seem endless: Claude 3 Opus, Google Gemini Ultra, GPT-4, and more, each with unique strengths. It's like the streaming wars all over again, leaving us wondering which chatbot subscriptions to prioritize.

But what if you could access the best of the best, all in one place? Enter Poe. This platform offers a single subscription that unlocks a diverse range of top-tier chatbots. Think of it as your personal AI assistant hub, where you can explore the capabilities of Claude 3, Gemini, GPT-4 Turbo, Mixtral, Stable Diffusion, Llama, and many others.

Poe takes the guesswork out of choosing the right chatbot for the task. Need help with creative writing? Gemini is at your service. Researching complex topics? Claude 3 Opus has your back. Need a coding companion? Say no more, Code Llama is there for you. And the best part? Poe constantly updates its selection with the latest versions, so you're always ahead of the curve.

While some bots offer limited free interactions, Poe's subscription grants you full access to unleash the true potential of these AI companions. So, if you're feeling overwhelmed by the chatbot explosion, give Poe a try. You might just discover your new favorite AI tool!


👤 Customers.ai

Convert website visitor traffic to email + contact info. (link)

🎨 LogoPicture AI

Create optical illusion art with your logo. (link)

🤖 Gobble Bot

You have a website, PDF or a Youtube video and want to make a GPT chatbot on ChatGPT. Simply use Gobble Bot to turn it all into one text file, ready to use for training. (link)

📈 Midday

The financial OS for your business. (link)

💬 GPTv App

Let AI voiceover your video. (link)


Meta has teased its first-ever pair of AR glasses in a recent blog post celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Reality Labs division. The upcoming AR glasses will combine the best of Meta's AR and VR hardware with the form factor and AI capabilities of its Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses.

  • The glasses may be released in 2025 (display version) or 2027 (full AR), according to reports

  • A demo of the AR glasses is rumored for this year's Meta Connect conference

  • The glasses will feature AI upgrades, such as the Look and Ask feature powered by Meta AI and ChatGPT-like capabilities

Meta's upcoming AR glasses have the potential to revolutionize the smart glasses market by combining cutting-edge AI features with sleek design and comfort. With the integration of Meta's Quest platform and the expertise of its developers, the AR glasses could offer a wide range of useful applications. As more details emerge, anticipation for this groundbreaking product continues to grow.

Read more here


🐦 How to make custom black and white icons with AI


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