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  • 🧠 Next generation Siri likely to be launched in iOS 18, with ChatGPT style capabilities

🧠 Next generation Siri likely to be launched in iOS 18, with ChatGPT style capabilities

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Happy Tuesday, AI enthusiasts!


  • 🧠 Next generation Siri likely to be launched in iOS 18, with ChatGPT style capabilities

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  • 🎥 AI Tool of the Day - Wondershare Virbo: create engaging AI videos for your business in minutes

  • 🤖 OpenAI fixes ‘lazy’ GPT that refused to work

  • ⚡️ 9 quick and fresh AI updates

  • 🐦 Create perfect AI portraits with Midjourney + Magnific

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Jan. 2020, Chengdu, China - Two staffs was looking down the crowd in Taikoo Li shopping center through the window of the Apple Store. Although people’s enthusiasm for shopping seemed not to have been deterred by the Corona virus from Wuhan because of the coming lunar New Year, many of them was wearing surgical masks. So did the Apple staffs.

If you're under the impression that Apple is letting AI giants outpace it in the tech race, think again. In 2024, with the release of iOS 18, Apple is set to unveil a radically enhanced Siri, showcasing its commitment to leading in AI innovation.

Advanced AI Integration: with iOS 18, Siri will be powered by Apple’s GPT (of course this won’t be its real name). This transition to a more intelligent and responsive Siri will enhance user interactions, offering a level of understanding and efficiency previously unseen.

On-Device AI Processing: a standout feature of iOS 18 will be Siri's on-device processing. This approach prioritizes user privacy and speed, enabling quicker responses and keeping personal data secure within the device itself.

Multi-Dimensional Capabilities: Siri's functionality will extend beyond voice. iOS 18 aims to equip Siri with the ability to process and respond to both audio and visual cues, offering a more comprehensive and interactive user experience.

Why it matters: Apple is working under the radar, and iOS 18 is set to redefine Siri in 2024, equipping it with cutting-edge AI capabilities. Users can expect a smarter, faster, and more private digital assistant, signaling Apple's firm stance in the forefront of AI technology.


Your info is on the dark web

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🏦 Fortune: AI-powered accountant that connects all your banks in one place, leverages AI to automate accounting, track cash flow and forecast. Available for 15k+ banks in Europe, Canada and US. (link)

💡 Walling AI: Turn your idea into a complete project in seconds with AI. (link)

🧠 ZixFlow: Manage, engage, & retain customers, with AI. (link)

▶️ Morise.ai: AI powered tools for youtube creators. (link)

✍️ Hoppy Copy: Write better email campaigns, 10x faster. Save countless hours writing, use AI to generate powerful content for hundreds of different email marketing campaigns, drips, newsletters and more, in seconds. (link)

🖌 Illustroke: Vector illustrations from text prompts. (link)


The tool we're spotlighting today breaks the mold of what was considered feasible even a year ago.
We are talking about Wondershare Virbo, an AI-driven powerhouse enabling the creation of comprehensive videos narrated by high-quality AI Avatars, all originating from a basic text prompt.

Tailored for both marketing initiatives and educational content, Virbo offers an array of over 300 realistic avatars, each modeled on actual actors, accompanied by a diverse selection of over 300 voices in 40+ languages. Virbo’s royalty-free assets and cross-platform functionality make it perfect for creating professional-grade content on the go.

Whether you're a business looking to build stronger customer relationships, create engaging promotional videos or informative content, Virbo's got you covered.


OpenAI has recently announced significant updates to its models and pricing, addressing a notable concern among users regarding the perceived 'laziness' of GPT-4. This development is particularly relevant for developers and indicates potential changes for future consumer options.

  • Price cuts: The cost for API access, particularly for the popular GPT-3.5 Turbo model, has been significantly reduced. This means lower expenses for developers, making advanced AI tools more accessible to a wider audience.

  • Addressing GPT-4's 'laziness': The new GPT-4 Turbo preview model aims to tackle the issue of 'laziness', where the model previously failed to complete tasks adequately. This update should enhance the model's efficiency, particularly in tasks like code generation.

  • Future releases and tools: OpenAI plans to launch GPT-4 Turbo V, which includes vision capabilities, in the coming months.

Why it matters: the price reduction makes these powerful tools more accessible for developers, potentially leading to broader and more innovative uses. The specific addressal of GPT-4's 'laziness' shows OpenAI's responsiveness to user feedback, enhancing the model's reliability and efficiency. As a result, users can expect more robust, versatile, and cost-effective AI solutions moving forward.


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🐦️️ Create perfect AI portraits with Midjourney + Magnific


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