🧠 Meta's AI glasses get multimodal update

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  • 🧠 Meta’s smart glasses get multimodal features

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Meta has rolled out multimodal AI capabilities to all users of its Ray-Ban smart glasses in the US and Canada. The AI assistant can now process images from the glasses' camera along with voice commands, enabling a variety of helpful features.

Users can ask the glasses to identify objects they are looking at, read signs and menus in different languages, get information about landmarks, suggest recipes based on ingredients, and more. The AI is activated by saying "Hey Meta, look and..." followed by the request.

While the AI can sometimes be hit-or-miss, the familiar form factor of the glasses makes the experience feel more natural compared to other AI gadgets. Meta also announced new frame styles including a vintage-inspired Skyler model and low-bridge fit Headliner option.

In addition, the glasses can now make hands-free video calls via WhatsApp and Messenger. The multimodal AI update, combined with the glasses' existing features, makes the Ray-Ban Meta glasses a compelling glimpse at a future where fashion and advanced tech seamlessly merge.Try Llama 3 for free.

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🎨 Adobe Firefly 3 - Create stunning images with the latest generative AI features, powered by the new Adobe Firefly Image 3 Model, now in the Photoshop (beta) app. Add, remove, and expand content, create lifelike images from scratch, and more.

📝 Fireflies.ai - Automate your meeting notes. Fireflies.ai helps your team transcribe, summarize, search, and analyze voice conversations.

🧠 SecBrain - Harness the power of artificial intelligence to boost your productivity. Save your ideas, videos, journeys, meetings, and everything in between.

📷Fotor - Online photo editor with Ai image generator.

💬 Hi Talk - GPT-powered AI for language learning. Speak with AI and chat on various topics, either by writing or speaking, while receiving messages with a realistic voice.


Microsoft has unveiled Phi-3, a new family of small language models that pack a powerful punch despite their compact size. Despite their compact size, these models offer capabilities similar to much larger AI models while being easier to use and more cost-effective. Phi-3's innovative training approach, inspired by children's learning, allows it to outperform other models of similar size across various benchmarks.

  • Phi-3-mini, with just 3.8 billion parameters, performs better than models twice its size

  • Available on platforms like Azure, Hugging Face, and Ollama

  • Ideal for simpler tasks and organizations with limited resources

  • Enables AI experiences on devices without cloud connectivity

  • Opens up possibilities in areas with limited internet access

Why it matters: while large language models still excel at complex reasoning, Phi-3 offers a compelling alternative for many everyday AI applications. As Microsoft continues to develop this portfolio of models, users will have more choice in selecting the right AI tool for their needs, making the benefits of AI available to a wider audience than ever before.

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