🧠 Meta cracks down on deceptive AI content

PLUS: Image Prompting vs Style Reference in Midjourney, what’s the difference?

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  • 🧠 Meta will begin to label AI-generated content across Facebook, Instagram, and Threads

  • 🖼️ Image Prompting vs Style Reference in Midjourney, what’s the difference?

  • 🔥 5 trending AI tools

  • 🛋 Ikea’s new AI assistant GPT gives design inspiration

  • ⚡️ 6 quick and fresh AI updates

  • 🐦 How to use ProductScope AI to make professional product photos

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Meta is taking a significant step to enhance transparency across its social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, by introducing labels for AI-generated content. This move is aimed at providing users with a clearer understanding of the content they interact with, distinguishing between AI-created and human-created materials.

  • Automated detection: Meta is developing a system to identify AI-generated content through specific markers like watermarks and metadata, initially focusing on images.

  • Video and audio: While starting with images, Meta aims to extend its labeling capabilities to AI-generated videos and audio, overcoming current challenges due to the lack of standardized markers.

  • User-driven disclosure: A forthcoming tool will allow users to manually disclose AI-generated video and audio content, enhancing the authenticity and accountability of digital content.

This initiative represents a proactive approach by Meta to address the growing concerns around digital misinformation and the ethical use of AI, and OpenAI is doing the same thing with DALLE-3.
For users, it means a more transparent social media experience, where the line between AI-generated and human-created content is clearly defined, fostering a more informed and trustworthy digital environment.


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🖼️ Image Prompting vs Style Reference in Midjourney, what’s the difference?

The latest update to Midjourney, version 6, has finally rolled out the much-anticipated 'Style Reference' feature. This video breaks down the distinctions between Style Reference and Image Prompting, providing you with practical advice on how to leverage this new technique to enhance your AI-generated images.


💫 Guidde - Top Tool

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🎧 Resuaudio

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📈 Supadash

Get a dashboard to visualize your data in seconds. (link)


IKEA has launched an AI assistant on the OpenAI GPT Store, offering personalized advice and product recommendations to enhance the shopping experience.

  • Personalized Recommendations: The AI assistant customizes furniture and décor suggestions based on individual preferences, room dimensions, and sustainability considerations.

  • Extensive Product Range: Users gain access to IKEA's vast selection of products, encompassing everything from minimalist to artistic designs, tailored to meet diverse tastes and home design requirements.

  • Product Availability: The assistant also helps users check the availability of items across various locations, simplifying the shopping process.


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