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  • 🧠 Linkedin launches new AI chatbot to help you get a job

🧠 Linkedin launches new AI chatbot to help you get a job

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  • 👔 Linkedin launches new AI chatbot to help you get a job

  • 🤖 AI tool of the day - Imagica: build a no-code AI app in minutes

  • 🫂️ Instagram spotted developing a customizable ‘AI friend’

  • 🧠 Meta researchers use AI to generate images from the human brain

  • 🔥 5 trending AI tools

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  • ⚡️ 5 quick and fresh AI updates

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👔 Linkedin launches new AI chatbot to help you get a job

Linkedin announced a major milestone as it surpassed the 1 billion member threshold. This achievement catapults Linkedin into an elite club of social media networks, positioning it shoulder to shoulder with competitors like Meta Platforms.

In an effort to enhance user experience, particularly for those invested in career advancement, Linkedin is integrating sophisticated artificial intelligence into its platform. This AI will be accessible to subscribers of its premium tier, which costs $39.99 monthly. The new features are designed to streamline job searches by matching users with suitable job postings based on their profile details. Furthermore, the AI will offer tailored advice for profile optimization, aiding members in becoming more competitive job candidates.

The initiative is aimed at transforming the often overwhelming job search into a more manageable and productive process. Additionally, Linkedin has introduced a summarization tool that condenses lengthy posts into concise bullet points, customizing the content for diverse professional needs.

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🤖 Imagica, build a no-code AI app in minutes

Imagica.ai presents a new perspective on app development, making it accessible to a wider spectrum of individuals beyond those with coding knowledge.

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Toolset: The platform boasts a robust collection of over four million functions. This versatility addresses a plethora of application requirements.

  • E-Commerce Integration: Imagica is not limited to app building alone. Its inherent e-commerce features facilitate the creation of apps that can efficiently manage transactions.

  • Extended Reach: The platform’s capability isn’t restricted to a niche user base. Through its integration, app creators can submit their designs to Natural OS, magnifying their global audience.

In the dynamic sphere of technology, Imagica is a testament to a shift in the paradigm. As the synergy between AI and technology augments, platforms like Imagica emphasize a future dominated not by mere technical skill, but by the power of imaginative innovation.

More info here


🫂️ Instagram spotted developing a customizable ‘AI friend’

Source: Alessandro Paluzzi

Instagram is reportedly crafting a new "AI friend" feature, allowing for in-depth customization and interaction, according to tech researcher Alessandro Paluzzi.

This feature promises a personalized chatbot companion that users can tailor to their preferences. Imagine fashioning your AI companion's age, gender, ethnicity, and even its personality traits—be it the humor of a "witty" confidant or the imagination of a "creative" spirit. Interests from "DIY" to "nature" can be imparted, shaping the bot's conversational scope. With an avatar and name of your choosing, this virtual buddy is poised to provide conversation on demand. However, while this tech frontier broadens, it carries the weight of ethical considerations. Critics like Julia Stoyanovich from NYU's Centre for Responsible AI warn of the inherent risks in mistaking these programmed entities for human empathy and connection.

The potential introduction of an AI confidante on Instagram is definitely controversial. While the tech could offer unprecedented levels of digital companionship, it also nudges us into new ethical territories. Recognizing the fine line between innovative engagement and misleading intimacy with AI will be crucial in responsibly integrating these systems into our daily lives.

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🧠 Meta researchers use AI to generate images from the human brain

In a remarkable development, Meta's research team has devised a way to visualize human thoughts by reconstructing images from brain activity.

This pioneering work involves using artificial intelligence to decode brain signals obtained through magnetoencephalography (MEG), a technique that records the magnetic fields produced by neural currents. By employing deep learning algorithms, these signals were matched with corresponding visual representations, allowing for the generation of reconstructed images.

Although the spatial resolution of MEG is lower than that of fMRI, limiting the detail of the reconstructions, this innovation signifies a significant step forward in brain-computer interface technology.

Particularly, the researchers envision its future application in helping patients with communication impairments due to brain lesions, offering a faster alternative to fMRI systems. As AI continues to mesh with neuroscience, this achievement not only showcases the current capabilities but also ignites the potential for future assistive communication technologies.

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👥 AI Twin

Your digital persona, answering queries over voice call for you. (link)

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Easily train powerful AI image models on your style. (link)

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🚀️ Humanlinker

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🧑‍⚖️ Genie AI

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🐦️️ Create a viral video for YouTube with ChatGPT


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