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  • 🧠 The jobs most likely to be taken over by AI

🧠 The jobs most likely to be taken over by AI

PLUS: Unlocking ChatGPT's potential, the power of detailed prompting

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  • 👔 Report reveals the jobs most likely to be taken over by AI

  • 🤖 AI tool of the day - Visme: all-in-one marketing and design platform to stand out from the crowd

  • 🚀 Unlocking ChatGPT's potential: the power of detailed prompting in generating quality responses

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👔 Report reveals the jobs most likely to be taken over by AI

In November 2023, the Department for Education in the UK released a report called The Impact of AI on UK Jobs and Training. It’s a detailed study that looks at how jobs across the UK are changing because of artificial intelligence. Although this study focuses on the UK market, its findings are highly relevant and can be applied to contexts like the United States, showcasing universal themes in the impact of AI on jobs.

The report shows that jobs in finance, law, business management, and clerical work are most affected by AI. It points out that AI is changing the skills needed for these jobs and how they're done. For example, management consultants, business analysts, accountants, and psychologists are all facing changes because of AI.

‘The Impact of AI on UK Jobs and Training’ is a valuable resource for policymakers, educators, and business leaders. It sheds light on the evolving nature of jobs in the AI era and emphasizes the importance of adapting educational and professional training to keep pace with these changes.

More info here - Full report here


Your SOC 2 Compliance Checklist from Vanta

Are you building a business? Achieving SOC 2 compliance can help you win bigger deals, enter new markets and deepen trust with your customers — but it can also cost you real time and money.

Vanta automates up to 90% of the work for SOC 2 (along with other in-demand frameworks), getting you audit-ready in weeks instead of months. Save up to 400 hours and 85% of associated costs.

Download the free checklist to learn more about the SOC 2 compliance process and the road ahead. 


🤖 Visme: all-in-one marketing and design platform to stand out from the crowd

Visme is a user-friendly tool for both marketing and design, great for anyone looking to make their content stand out. It's especially handy for those who don't have much experience in design. With Visme, you can easily turn boring numbers and data into eye-catching visuals, making complex information easier to understand and more appealing. The platform has a huge selection of templates that you can tweak to fit your needs, covering a wide range of content types. One of its cool features is the Brand Wizard, which lets you add your brand's style – like specific fonts, colors, and logos – to your projects. This helps keep your content consistent with your brand's look.

Visme also simplifies how you manage your content. You can create, plan, and post your social media content all from one place. It's packed with a big collection of high-quality photos, icons, videos, and even 3D graphics, giving you plenty of options to jazz up your work. Plus, it has some interactive features like clickable areas, mouse-over effects, and animations to make your content more engaging and hold your audience's attention.


🚀 Unlocking ChatGPT's potential: the power of detailed prompting in generating quality responses

Prompting effectively is crucial when interacting with AI models like ChatGPT. The quality and specificity of a prompt directly influences the relevance and depth of the response.

For instance, a generic request like "give me marketing ideas" yields broad, often generic answers.
However, a more detailed prompt such as "I am a marketing manager at [insert company], specializing in eco-friendly products. Can you provide unique and original marketing strategies tailored to my niche audience?" elicits a response that is not only tailored to the specific industry but also considers the unique aspects of the company's products and target audience.

This specificity helps the AI understand the context and constraints, leading to more applicable and innovative ideas, and can make you save time and resources as it reduces the need for follow-up questions and clarifications.

The key is to provide enough information to guide the AI while leaving room for creative and customized solutions.
This approach maximizes the potential of AI tools like ChatGPT, transforming them from mere information repositories to strategic partners in problem-solving and idea generation.

Here are 5 examples of general prompts and how to enhance them:

  1. Simple: "Give me career advice."
    Enhanced Specific: "I have five years of experience as a digital marketing manager at a mid-sized e-commerce company, focusing on social media advertising. I'm aspiring to transition into a leadership role, specifically as a Director of Marketing. What steps should I take, including any specific advanced courses or networking strategies, to prepare for this transition?"

  2. Simple: "Tips for effective team communication."
    Enhanced Specific: "I manage a global remote team of software developers spread across the U.S., Europe, and Asia, working on various software development projects. What specific communication tools, meeting schedules, and management techniques can I employ to ensure effective and inclusive communication?"

  3. Simple: "How to be more productive at work."
    Enhanced Specific: "I'm an academic researcher in the field of environmental science, currently writing a research paper on climate change. I often find myself distracted by emails and social media. Could you suggest specific productivity techniques or software tools that are effective in an academic setting, particularly for writing and research tasks?"

  4. Simple: "Improving time management skills."
    Enhanced Specific: "As a project manager overseeing multiple software development projects in a fast-paced tech company, I struggle with managing my time efficiently. My tasks range from client meetings to technical oversight. What specific time management tools or methodologies can I apply to ensure I meet deadlines without compromising on quality or personal well-being?"

  5. Simple: "Balancing freelance work with personal life."
    Enhanced Specific: "I'm a freelance graphic designer, specializing in branding for small businesses, and I often find myself working late into the night, struggling to separate my work and personal life. What specific strategies, tools, or daily routines can I adopt to create a more balanced schedule, particularly in managing client expectations and project deadlines?"

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⚖️ LegalNow

Create or Review Your Legal Documents with Lawyer-Grade AI. (link)

Accelerate your document research through AI Summarize multi-format content, simplify complex topics, and extract desired information. (link)

🛋 Fill3d

Upload a photo of an empty room, draw rectangles, describe the furniture you want, and render a photorealistic image in a minute. (link)

🎞 Capsule

The AI-powered video editor for content and marketing teams. (link)

🗓 Cal.ai

All-in-one AI scheduling assistant. With just a few easy steps, Cal.ai will set you up with your own personal email assistant that will automatically schedule meetings for you. (link)


🐦️️ ChatGPT is getting lazier

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