🧠 Google’s hands-on Gemini demo was faked

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  • 🧠 Google’s hands-on Gemini demo was faked

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🧠 Google’s hands-on Gemini demo was faked

Google's recently unveiled Gemini AI model has sparked varied reactions following its debut. Despite its initial allure, the model's credibility has come into question after revelations that its most impressive demonstrations were essentially staged.

A video titled "Hands-on with Gemini: Interacting with multimodal AI" showcased impressive features such as interpreting language and merging it with visual understanding, in real time. However, it was later revealed that the interactions were not spontaneous but a result of carefully selected text prompts and still images, exaggerating Gemini's capabilities.

While Gemini did generate the responses shown, the video's portrayal of the model's interaction speed and accuracy was misleading, suggesting a level of intuitive understanding that was not truly present.

After the article's publication, Oriol Vinyals, VP of Research at Google DeepMind, shared more details on Twitter about the video's creation. He explained that the video aimed to inspire developers by showcasing “potential” user experiences with Gemini, not the actual product.
The online community has responded as one might expect, criticizing Google for engaging in misleading behavior. Judge for yourself by watching the video below.

More info here

Gemini’s “Hands-on” video:

The actual interactions:


🤖 Softr: build software without writing a single line of code

Softr is ushering in a new era of software creation for businesses. Now, you can directly transform your ideas into digital tools using your Airtable or Google Sheets, without writing a single line of code.

With Softr, you can turn your existing Airtable or Google Sheets into powerful business tools. Whether it's portals, CRM systems, or content calendars, Softr allows you to create them all without writing a single line of code. The platform provides pre-built blocks such as Lists, Charts, Forms, and more, designed for easy drag-and-drop functionality, letting you piece together your app in mere minutes.

Moreover, Softr isn't just about creating – it ensures connectivity with data sources like Airtable and Google Sheets and even has upcoming support for REST APIs. The app-building experience extends to publishing on any device and sharing it for collaborative purposes.

Plus, with integrations like Zapier and Google Analytics, Softr seamlessly fits into your existing workflow. To top it off, a range of free templates is available to customize to your needs.


🚀 How to summarize any YouTube video in seconds

Let's face it: in today's fast-paced world, there are countless YouTube videos we'd like to watch but simply don't have the time for. This often leads us to fast-forward through parts of these videos to grasp their essence without watching them in full. If you've encountered this dilemma, you'll be pleased to discover a new tool designed to address this very issue.

AI YouTube Summarizer is an innovative tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide concise summaries of YouTube videos in mere seconds. It's incredibly user-friendly: simply visit the website, paste the YouTube video link into the designated space, and within a short span, a brief summary of the video will be generated.

What's more, the AI YouTube Summarizer is completely free to use. This efficient and straightforward process is sure to save you a significant amount of time, making it easier to stay informed and entertained without the commitment of watching entire videos.


🎙️ WondercraftAI

Turn existing content into captivating podcasts, effortlessly. (link)

🧑‍🍳️ ChefGPT

Say goodbye to boring meals, with AI-powered recipe recommendations, meal plans creation and more. 100,000+ dinners saved so far. (link)

🤖 Diddo

Elevate your website's user experience by integrating Diddo, a ChatGPT-powered chatbot that's as unique as your business. Say goodbye to generic interactions and hello to personalized, intelligent conversations. (link)

🗺 Journey

Tell your story with a Journey — responsive slides, video recording, interactive blocks and embeds from your favorite tools. (link)

🎶 Voicemy.ai

Create AI voices, compose melodies. Share your passion, inspire the world. (link)


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