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  • 🧠 Google pauses Gemini’s ability to generate AI images of people after historical inaccuracies emerge

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  • 🐦 Real-time events: ChatGPT vs Twitter’s Grok

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Google has suspended its AI image generator, Gemini, from producing images of people. This follows criticism that the AI's attempts to increase diversity in historical image generation led to inaccuracies. The company is working to correct these issues before re-releasing an updated model.

What happened:

  • Google's Gemini AI generates diverse images of people, but this led to some historically inaccurate images of figures such as the Founding Fathers, the Pope, the Queen of England and more.

  • The AI's output sparked online conspiracy theories about intentional historical revisionism.

  • Google apologized for the inaccuracies and said they will release an improved model soon.

  • Google has now paused Gemini's ability to generate any images of people.

Why it matters: this incident shows us the delicate balance between preserving both diversity and historical accuracy. This highlights the need for careful oversight of AI development to ensure both inclusivity and respect for the integrity of history.

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Stability AI, known for its open-source approach to AI image generation, has unveiled Stable Diffusion 3. This powerful new model promises to take AI-created visuals to the next level with remarkable detail and accuracy. Unlike previous versions, Stable Diffusion 3 can handle complex descriptions with multiple subjects, and early glimpses suggest it might even rival the text understanding of industry leaders like DALL-E 3.

The secret lies in new transformer-based architecture and something called "flow matching" making the image generation process more efficient. Importantly, Stability AI will offer different sizes of the model, meaning you might be able to run it on anything from a smartphone to a powerful server. This commitment to accessibility, along with the open-source nature of the project, sets Stable Diffusion apart. If you're curious about the future of AI image generation, get on the waitlist and see what Stable Diffusion 3 can do.

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Following Google's AI image generator controversy, AI image generators should prioritize...

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