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  • 🧠 Google finally unveils Gemini, its long-awaited ChatGPT killer

🧠 Google finally unveils Gemini, its long-awaited ChatGPT killer

PLUS: Microsoft upgrades Copilot with OpenAI’s latest models

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Happy Wednesday, AI enthusiasts!


  • 🧠 Microsoft upgrades Copilot with OpenAI’s latest models

  • 🤖 AI tool of the day - Fireflies.ai, AI notetaker to transcribe, summarize and analyze meetings

  • 🚀 Google finally unveils Gemini, its long-awaited GPT killer

  • 🔥 5 trending AI tools

  • ⚡️ 8 quick and fresh AI updates

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🧠 Microsoft upgrades Copilot with OpenAI’s latest models

Microsoft is upgrading its Copilot service with several new and exciting features, tapping into the latest advancements from OpenAI. The upcoming addition of the GPT-4 Turbo model will significantly improve Copilot's ability to understand and respond to user queries with a more extensive data processing capacity. Yusuf Medhi, EVP and consumer chief marketing officer at Microsoft, has indicated that this new model is currently in a testing phase and will soon be a regular part of Copilot.

In addition, Microsoft has enhanced the image generation capabilities in Bing Image Creator and Copilot with an upgraded DALL-E 3 model, leading to higher quality and more accurate images. Microsoft Edge, known for its innovative features, is also getting an upgrade with a Copilot sidebar. This addition will enable users to write and rephrase text directly within web pages and even summarize YouTube videos.

Another noteworthy development is the introduction of a new code interpreter feature in Copilot, specifically designed for programmers and developers. This tool is set to offer more accurate coding assistance, including complex calculations and data analysis, enriching the AI interaction experience for technical users.

More info here


Need marketing assets? Like Yesterday?

Maybe your brand launch is tomorrow.

Maybe you have no hiring budget (been there). 

Or maybe your team is simply understaffed and overworked.

Regardless, if you need designs ASAP, you need Superside. They deliver high-quality, on-brand assets in as little as 24 hours.

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Why Superside?

  • Graphic design, websites, ad copy–it’s all on-brand and on-time

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TL;DR: It’s a design subscription service tailored for MM and ENT companies.

Start using Superside!


🤖 Fireflies.ai: AI notetaker to transcribe, summarize and analyze meetings

Today we are talking about a tool that could be useful to teams seeking to efficiently manage and streamline their meeting processes.

Fireflies.ai offers a functional solution for managing meeting notes by providing transcription and summarization of voice conversations.

Key features:

  • Transcription and Summarization: Automates the recording and transcription of voice conversations during meetings.

  • Compatibility: Works across various video-conferencing applications, including Google Meet, Zoom, and Teams, as well as dialers and audio files.

  • AI-Powered Search Tool: Allows users to rapidly review meeting content and pinpoint crucial information such as action items, tasks, and questions.

  • Filtering Capabilities: Enables filtering and listening to key topics discussed in meetings.

Fireflies.ai presents an innovative and comprehensive solution for handling meeting notes and collaboration. Its ability to automate transcription across various platforms, coupled with AI-powered search and analysis tools, significantly streamlines the process of managing meeting content.

More info here


🚀 Google finally unveils Gemini, its long-awaited GPT killer

After months of anticipation, it seems that ChatGPT has finally met a worthy competitor.

Speculation has swirled for some time around Google’s next chatbot, with its capabilities cloaked in secrecy. Earlier this week, reports emerged indicating that the launch had been postponed until next year, but today, in a surprise move, today Google unveiled its powerful new AI system Gemini, giving the public an early look at their next-generation AI.

While Google's first AI chatbot effort, Bard, underwhelmed expectations, Gemini is the first consumer LLM to exceed the capabilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT across industry benchmarks.

Gemini will be available in three tiers tailored to different performance requirements:

  • Gemini Nano, the most efficient model for on-device tasks.

  • Gemini Pro, the best model for scaling across a wide range of tasks

  • Gemini Ultra, the most capable and largest model for highly-complex tasks.

The initial release focuses on Gemini Pro, which, starting today, powers an updated version of the Google Bard chatbot. Google claims this surpasses the GPT-3.5 version.

Looking ahead to early 2024, Google plans to introduce a paid version featuring Gemini Ultra, which is designed to surpass GPT-4 in terms of reasoning, planning, and understanding. However, pricing details are still unclear.

Of course, Gemini's real-world performance remains to be seen before it can be seriously assessed against ChatGPT, but there is palpable excitement around this "AI showdown." If Gemini lives up to even a fraction of its hype, it could mark a seismic shift in generative AI. - More info here.


🤖 Monday AI

Automate work, supercharge your content, and spark new ideas. (link)

🧠 Salesforce AI

Helps your teams work smarter with AI. (link)

🚀 Metawork

Empower remote teams with a virtual office that offers real-time visibility, seamless communication, and customized productivity insights. (link)

🎨 Visual Electric

A new kind of AI image generator. (link)

⏩ Magical

Use AI to speed up repetitive tasks as you work. (link)


🐦️️ 2022 feels like it was so long ago


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