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  • 🧠 Dropbox’s new AI-powered features are now in open beta

🧠 Dropbox’s new AI-powered features are now in open beta

PLUS: Build software without writing a single line of code

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  • 🧠 Dropbox’s new AI-powered features are now in open beta

  • 🤖 AI tool of the day - Softr: build software without writing a single line of code

  • 🪄 Adobe previews AI upscaling to make old, fuzzy videos and GIFs look fresh

  • 🏫️ High schools in Denmark are embracing ChatGPT as a teaching tool instead of banning it

  • 🔥 5 trending AI tools

  • 💡 5 quick and fresh AI updates

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🧠 Dropbox’s new AI-powered features are now in open beta

Dropbox has taken another leap forward by enhancing its AI feature that was introduced in June. Initially designed to use generative AI to provide answers and summarize lengthy documents or audio recordings, the platform has now further streamlined the user experience.

Dropbox Dash emerges as a universal search tool powered by artificial intelligence, aiming to simplify the often-chaotic digital work environment. Rather than navigating through multiple apps and tabs, Dash provides a unified platform where one can search across various tools including Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, and Notion, to name a few.

Instead of the usual hopping from one app to another, just pop a question into Dash, and it'll pull together relevant information from all your connected platforms, streamlining your tasks. But Dash's capabilities don't stop at apps. You can swiftly sift through the content of your entire desktop, including those myriad browser tabs, calendar entries, emails, and more.

The vision behind Dash seems clear: offering a consolidated view of your day, guiding you through meetings, required files, and project priorities, all from a singular, easy-to-access tab.

More info here


🤖 Softr: build software without writing a single line of code

Softr is ushering in a new era of software creation for businesses. Now, you can directly transform your ideas into digital tools using your Airtable or Google Sheets, without writing a single line of code.

With Softr, you can turn your existing Airtable or Google Sheets into powerful business tools. Whether it's portals, CRM systems, or content calendars, Softr allows you to create them all without writing a single line of code. The platform provides pre-built blocks such as Lists, Charts, Forms, and more, designed for easy drag-and-drop functionality, letting you piece together your app in mere minutes.

Moreover, Softr isn't just about creating – it ensures connectivity with data sources like Airtable and Google Sheets and even has upcoming support for REST APIs. The app-building experience extends to publishing on any device and sharing it for collaborative purposes.
Plus, with integrations like Zapier and Google Analytics, Softr seamlessly fits into your existing workflow. To top it off, a range of free templates is available to customize to your needs.

More info here


🪄 Adobe previews AI upscaling to make old, fuzzy videos and GIFs look fresh

Adobe recently previewed an experimental tool powered by artificial intelligence that has the capability to upscale low-resolution videos and GIFs, making them appear clearer and sharper.

Named "Project Res-Up", this tool employs diffusion-based upsampling technology, a kind of generative AI that creates new data based on what it has learned from previous data.

Demonstrations of the tool in action are quite impressive. One instance showcased an old clip from the film "The Red House" being upscaled by a whopping 675%, resulting in enhanced sharpness and added details like individual hair strands. Another demonstration focused on a video clip of a baby elephant. The tool not only improved the video's resolution but also added minute details such as skin wrinkles.

While the tool isn't available to the public yet, its demonstrations hint at a future where reviving old video content is not just possible, but can yield impressive results. This could redefine the way we interact with older media.

Read more here


🏫️ High schools in Denmark are embracing ChatGPT as a teaching tool instead of banning it

AI chatbots have experienced a surge in popularity in the education sector, causing concerns over cheating. However, Mette Mølgaard Pedersen, an English teacher at Horsens Gymnasium in Denmark, took a novel approach.

According to EuroNews, instead of blocking the use of these chatbots, she chose to integrate them into the learning process. Pedersen felt that when students haphazardly use AI without understanding, it hinders genuine learning, so she sought to transform the AI from a hindrance to a beneficial learning tool.

To promote this innovative use, five Danish high schools, including Pedersen's, have begun a two-year project allowing ChatGPT's use in classes. Students, initially skeptical, now see its potential not just as a shortcut, but as a learning asset.

Pedersen's perspective emphasizes teaching over stringent monitoring, urging educators to recognize the unstoppable evolution of AI tools and to harness their potential instead of resisting them.

Read more here


👄 Lipdub (waitlist)

Translate videos into any language while retaining the original voice and synchronizing lip movements. (link)

🤖 FastBots

Create a fully automated AI chatbot like ChatGPT to help you or your customers get fast answers about your business with zero coding. (link)

🐦 Tweet Hunter

Your AI-powered Twitter suite. (link)

📚 Snackz.ai

Whatever nonfiction book you want, they deliver the summary for you. (link)

🧠 BrainStory

Brainstorm with a virtual coach anything from blog posts, to project ideas, to D&D campaigns, to personal bios, to dinner plans, and more! It's like "rubber duck debugging" as a service. (link)


👀️ ChatGPT Vision


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