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  • 🖥️ Developers can now fine tune ChatGPT by uploading their own data

🖥️ Developers can now fine tune ChatGPT by uploading their own data

PLUS: clone your voice in 30 different languages

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Today, we'll talk about an important ChatGPT update, a revolutionary AI voice generation model, Midjourney’s new inpainting feature, and more. Let’s get started…


  • 🖥️ Developers can now fine tune ChatGPT by uploading their own data

  • 🤖 AI tool of the day: clone your voice in 30 different languages

  • 🖌️ Midjourney introduces the long-awaited inpainting feature

  • 💡 3 quick and fresh AI updates

  • 🎨 AI art of the day

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🖥️ Developers can now fine tune ChatGPT by uploading their own data

OpenAI has announced the ability to fine-tune its language models, GPT-3.5 Turbo (coming this fall for GPT-4), allowing developers to upload their own data and customize models for specific use cases.

  • User Data Upload & Fine-Tuning Benefits: Developers can now upload their data to fine-tune models, leading to improved steerability, consistent output formatting, and tone customization.

  • Data Security: All information within the fine-tuning API remains the property of the customer, ensuring privacy.

  • Enhancements & Future Plans: Includes extended token handling, with more fine-tuning capabilities to be introduced soon.

This is a pivotal step in making AI more personalized and applicable across various fields. OpenAI continues to lead the way in innovation, shaping the future of AI to meet the unique and evolving needs of businesses and developers.


🤖 ElevenLabs' AI clones your voice in 30 different languages

ElevenLabs, a renowned voice AI company, has launched the Eleven Multilingual v2, a multilingual voice generation model that can support 28 different languages. This release marks the end of the Beta phase for the platform and aims to eliminate linguistic barriers in various content forms.

  • Eleven Multilingual v2 was developed through in-depth in-house research and can recognize nearly 30 written languages, generating speech with exceptional authenticity. Users can synthesize their own voice, allowing the AI to speak in 28 different languages with their distinct voice traits.

  • The new model maintains unique voice characteristics across all languages, ensuring a consistent voice that can bring content to life in multiple languages.

  • This rollout expands the platform’s reach, catering to diverse needs such as gaming, education, and accessibility for people with visual impairments or additional learning needs.

The release of Eleven Multilingual v2 is a significant step in making content universally accessible. By breaking down linguistic barriers and enabling creators to produce content in various languages without compromising quality, ElevenLabs fosters greater creativity and innovation. This achievement resonates with the global shift towards inclusivity and diversity, marking a promising advancement in the field of AI-driven voice technology.


🖌️ Midjourney introduces the long-awaited inpainting feature

Midjourney has unveiled a preliminary version of the long-awaited inpainting feature. This tool permits users to insert objects within images, using written prompts to guide the creation. While this feature might not be perfect yet, the release has been met with enthusiasm by the Midjourney community. Designed to add creativity and fun to the AI image-generation process,the inpainting feature represents a step towards more interactive and personalized content creation.


🖥️ NVIDIA's H100 AI GPUs yield a staggering 1000% profit

Tae Kim, a senior writer at Barron's, suggests that NVIDIA is experiencing record-breaking profits from its extensive AI sales, potentially setting new industry standards. (link)

🤖 The New York Times withdraws from AI Coalition

The New York Times withdraws from a coalition seeking to negotiate with tech giants over AI use of content, undermining a united industry front against Google and Microsoft. (link)

💬 Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadella, compares the influence of ai to the internet, describing it as a tidal wave

Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella believes the impact of artificial intelligence will be game changing. (link)


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