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How to create videos instantly with ChatGPT and Visla plugin

PLUS: AI models could collapse under their own weight

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Today, we'll explore how generative AI training could bring generative models to a collapse, discover how to create videos in seconds with ChatGPT, learn about the latest AI tool from Snapchat, and more. Lets get started


  • AI models could collapse under their own weight

  • How to create videos instantly with ChatGPT and Visla Plugin

  • Snapchat unveils Dreams AI

  • AI-powered drone beats human world champions

  • 3 quick and fresh AI updates

  • AI art of the day (with prompt)

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AI models could collapse under their own weight

Researchers from leading universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, have found that generative AI tools like ChatGPT may actually be training on content created by AI, as the amount of artificially created content continues to grow day after day.

This could potentially lead to a phenomenon known as "model collapse," where the AI produces lower-quality outputs because it's being trained on synthetic data instead of unique, human-made content.

This issue could make it incredibly difficult to trace the original source of information an AI model is trained on, potentially leading to a "dark ages of public information." However, some experts, like Saurabh Baji from Cohere, believe human guidance is still essential for the success of AI-generated models.

The rise of AI-generated content has also led to an increase in unreliable AI-generated news outlets, raising concerns about the spread of misinformation. With AI-content detectors proving unreliable, finding accurate online information may become more challenging.

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How to create videos instantly with ChatGPT and Visla plugin

Creating videos has never been easier with ChatGPT Plus and the Visla Plugin. Now, with just a single prompt in ChatGPT, Visla can craft a complete video, including script and stock clips, in mere seconds.

You can do it in three simple steps:

  • Install the Visla Plugin from the ChatGPT plugin store

  • Write your prompt and answer the questions to provide more details about the desired outcome

  • Visla will create the video, writing a script and choosing the stock clips for the scenes.

It's important to note that in order to use the Visla ChatGPT Plugin, you'll need to enable the GPT-4 model and have the plugin installed.


Snapchat unveils Dreams AI

Snapchat has introduced a new feature called 'Dreams', which allows you to create themed AI-generated selfies. This is part of Snapchat's broader effort to incorporate more AI into its platform.

  • The Dreams feature is developed using open-source technology, and each art style is designed by the Snap team.

  • The first pack of Dreams is free, but additional packs cost $1 each.

  • Snapchat plans to introduce Sponsored Dreams and a feature to add friends to Dreams in the future. This move is expected to enhance user engagement and open new avenues for brand collaborations.

Overall, this development is an important step towards making generative AI experiences more accessible to a broader audience. Despite some limitations, it provides a great opportunity for millions of people to experience generative AI for the first time.


AI-powered drone beats human world champions

Researchers at the University of Zurich have developed an AI algorithm, Swift, that defeated world champions in drone racing. This marks a significant milestone for AI-powered robots outperforming humans in real-world sports for the first time.

  • Swift won 15 out of 25 races and recorded the fastest lap on a course with speeds of 50mph and accelerations up to 5g.

  • Swift utilized deep reinforcement learning and combined video feed with inertial sensor readings to estimate the drone's position, orientation, and speed.

  • Despite its success, Swift lost 40% of its races against humans and crashed several times due to changes in lighting.

Swift's success in drone racing and its ability to handle real-world challenges could lead to exciting applications in search and rescue operations and inspections of large structures. However, its implications for military use remain uncertain due to the different challenges faced in military contexts.

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Nvidia partner Quanta predicts AI server demand will double in 2024

The Taiwan-based manufacturer forecasts strong and persistent demand over the long term as more companies integrate AI into their business operations and services. (link)

Facebook introduces option to opt out of AI data use

The opt-out setting, introduced on Thursday, allows Facebook and Instagram users to request that Meta refrain from using images, posts, or other user information to teach its AI models. (link)

Walmart to equip 50,000 employees with generative AI assistant

The retail giant says My Assistant can assist employees by summarizing long documents, aiding in drafting content, answering questions, and other productivity functions through natural conversation. (link)

AI ART OF THE DAY - Midjourney

Double exposure

Image by Lemos on Midjourney

Prompt: Double exposure photography of man and the spectacular colourful nature, clean sharp focus, on white background, double exposure photography


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