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  • 🧠 ChatGPT’s new memory feature and how to use it

🧠 ChatGPT’s new memory feature and how to use it

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  • 🧠 ChatGPT’s new memory feature and how to use it

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  • 🤖 X launches AI Stories, delivering news summarized by Grok AI

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ChatGPT has introduced a new Memory feature that allows it to remember user preferences and details across conversations. Available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers outside of Europe and Korea, this feature aims to personalize interactions and make them more efficient. By remembering specific details, ChatGPT can provide tailored responses without the need for constant reminders from users.

How to use ChatGPT's Memory feature:

  1. Ensure you have a ChatGPT Plus subscription and are not located in Europe or Korea.

  2. To enable the Memory feature, click on your profile in the lower left-hand side of the screen, then go to Settings > Personalization. Toggle the Memory feature on.

  3. During a conversation with ChatGPT, provide specific details you want the AI to remember, such as personal preferences or information.

  4. ChatGPT will notify you when memories are updated. You can view these updates by hovering over the "Memory updated" message and clicking on it.

  5. To manage your memories, return to the Personalization settings. Click "Manage" to view, edit, or delete individual memories.

  6. In future conversations, ChatGPT will incorporate the saved memories into its responses without you needing to repeat the information.

While other AI chatbots may surpass ChatGPT in terms of overall quality, OpenAI continues to innovate and implement unique features like Memory, which sets it apart from the competition. By focusing on personalization and user experience, ChatGPT remains a frontrunner in the AI assistant landscape.

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Grok AI, the chatbot powering X's (formerly Twitter) new Stories feature, now summarizes trending news stories for Premium subscribers. By generating concise overviews of the top stories in the For You tab of the Explore section, Grok AI aims to help users stay informed without spending excessive time scrolling through their timelines.

  • Stories provides summaries of trending news based on X user conversations and posts

  • Users can access more details by chatting with Grok AI or clicking the source link

  • The feature could revolutionize news consumption on social media

  • Challenges include ensuring accuracy and avoiding copyright issues

  • Stories may give X a competitive edge and encourage premium subscriptions

While the AI-powered Stories feature faces challenges, such as maintaining accuracy and navigating copyright concerns, it has the potential to transform how users consume news on social media platforms. If successful, Stories could not only give X a unique advantage in the news space but also incentivize more users to opt for its premium service, bolstering the platform's revenue and user engagement.

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