🧠 ChatGPT gets new 'memory' feature

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  • 🧠 ChatGPT gets new memory feature

  • 🤖 Nvidia’s Chat with RTX is a promising AI chatbot that runs locally on your PC

  • 🔥 5 trending AI tools

  • 🎨 Shopify unveils AI editor to enhance product images

  • ⚡️ 5 quick and fresh AI updates

  • 🐦 Amazon’s free AI courses

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ChatGPT is gaining a powerful new "memory" feature from OpenAI. This will allow the AI to remember your preferences, past conversations, and key details about you. The goal is to make interactions feel more personalized, helpful, and avoid users having to repeat themselves.

  • Direct and passive learning: ChatGPT can directly remember details you explicitly tell it or passively understand them over time.

  • Custom memories for GPTs: Specific versions in the GPT Store (like Books GPT) will build user-specific memories.

  • User control: You can see what ChatGPT remembers, ask it to forget things, or enable a private "Temporary Chat" mode.

ChatGPT’s 'memory' feature, currently rolling out to a limited number of users, highlights OpenAI's drive to innovate and gain a competitive edge in the AI landscape. This push for personalized experiences comes in the wake of Google's release of its advanced AI model, Gemini Advanced.

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Nvidia announced Chat with RTX, a groundbreaking AI chatbot demo designed to run directly on your PC. This early version allows you to personalize the chatbot's knowledge by feeding it YouTube videos and your own documents. Chat with RTX generates summaries, provides relevant answers, and does it all locally – offering unmatched speed and privacy thanks to your Nvidia RTX GPU.

  • YouTube analysis: Summarize videos and search transcripts to quickly find specific information.

  • Local document search: Efficiently scan PDFs, court filings, or business documents, pulling out key insights.

  • Fast, private results: Get near-instant responses without the lag or privacy concerns of cloud-based chatbots.

While still a rough-around-the-edges demo, Chat with RTX showcases the potential of AI to streamline research and data analysis directly on your own computer. This could usher in a new era of privacy and speed in how we interact with personal or sensitive information.


👥 Doppl: The most accurate AI simulation of you, built for privacy and data security. (link)

🦖 Creatosaurus: Creatosaurus lets you easily curate ideas, design graphics, write AI content, edit videos, schedule post, search hashtags, craft articles, manage analytics, generate reports, apps & more, in one place. (link)

📣 TweetEmote: Got an article that you've always wanted to write a thread about but not had enough time to write it out properly? Well, TweetEmote's got you covered, just put in the link to that article and let TweetEmote do the magic. (link)

✍️️ Kyligence: The AI Copilot for Data to Excel Your KPIs. Chat to your business metrics like never before. (link)

🗓️ Vimcal: The world’s fastest calendar, designed to give you back control over your time. (link)


Shopify is upping the game for e-commerce with its new 'Magic' AI image editor. This powerful tool makes professional-looking product photos accessible to merchants of all sizes. No more costly Photoshop editing – the AI editor can transform backgrounds, suggest styles, and make your products shine.

  • Effortless background changes: Swap out backgrounds without any photo editing experience.

  • AI-powered style suggestions: Get recommendations for backgrounds and styles that complement your existing product images.

  • A range of styles: Choose from options like minimal, vibrant, natural, urban, rugged, refined, and surreal.

Shopify's 'Magic' AI image editor levels the playing field for smaller merchants. High-quality product images are crucial for online sales, and this tool makes achieving that professional look easy and affordable.

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