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  • 🧠 ChatGPT Free users can now use browse, vision, file uploads and GPTs

🧠 ChatGPT Free users can now use browse, vision, file uploads and GPTs

PLUS: Google’s AI overview fails spectacularly

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  • 🤖 Google’s AI overview fails spectacularly

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OpenAI has expanded access to advanced features for free users of ChatGPT, including custom GPTs, data analysis, file uploads, and the ability to ask questions about images. While free users can now discover and utilize custom AI models created by third-party developers, they still cannot create their own.

Paid subscribers to ChatGPT Plus retain some advantages, such as higher message limits with the latest GPT-4o model before reverting to the older GPT-3.5. Free users also gain access to data analysis and chart creation tools, allowing them to connect cloud storage services for seamless integration.

The move comes as OpenAI faces increased competition from rivals like Microsoft's Copilot and Google. By offering advanced features to a broader user base, the company aims to showcase the potential of AI while likely driving more users to subscribe for additional benefits. However, the controversial "Sky" voice, resembling Scarlett Johansson in "Her," has been discontinued for all users.

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Brace yourself for a gripping tale in Netflix's new limited series, Eric. Vincent, a celebrated New York puppeteer and creator of a hit children's TV show, finds his world shattered when his son Edgar vanishes on the way to school.

What twists await? Stream Eric now to uncover the truth. Benedict Cumberbatch delivers a riveting performance as Victor, a father unraveling as the search for Edgar stretches on.

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Could this mysterious figure hold the key to bringing Edgar home? Find out in this thrilling series that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Man uses Apple MacBook in a cafe or restaurant. He is searching Google website. Free editable PSD here: https://firmbee.com/unsplashscreen3

Google's new AI-powered search summaries are generating significant concern due to their tendency to confidently present inaccurate, bizarre, and even dangerous information. The AI appears to struggle with distinguishing fact from fiction, leading to summaries that mix up historical events, promote conspiracy theories, and offer questionable advice on topics ranging from cooking to health.

Many of the errors seem to stem from the AI's reliance on unvetted sources like Reddit comments and satirical articles. This has resulted in Google's AI suggesting the use of glue in pizza recipes, falsely claiming that President Obama is Muslim, and even advocating for the benefits of a controversial practice based on a student newspaper's comedic article.

As Google's search dominance makes it a primary gateway to information for many users, the proliferation of such misinformation through its AI-generated summaries raises serious concerns about the company's responsibility and liability. Addressing these issues may prove challenging for Google, potentially jeopardizing the significant investments it has made in AI technology.


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🐦️️ AI text-to-music is getting interesting


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