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  • 🤖 ChatGPT competitor Claude 2 launches in more countries

🤖 ChatGPT competitor Claude 2 launches in more countries

PLUS: Adobe’s experimenting with AI generated fill for videos

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  • 🤖 ChatGPT competitor Claude 2 launches in more countries

  • 📷 AI tool of the day - Headshot Pro: professional corporate headshots, without physical photo shoot

  • 🪄 Adobe’s experimenting with AI generated fill for videos

  • 🔋 AI just got 100-fold more energy efficient

  • 🔥 5 trending AI tools

  • 🐦 Tweet of the day

  • 💡 5 quick and fresh AI updates

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🤖 ChatGPT competitor Claude 2 launches in more countries

Anthropic's Claude 2, ChatGPT's primary chatbot rival, has expanded its availability to 95 countries. However, the list is still missing EU nations and Canada.

  • The reasons for the exclusions are uncertain—potentially due to multi-language support, data privacy, or computational constraints.

  • Claude 2 boasts millions of users since its July launch, and while usage is limited for free, $20 offers unrestricted access.

  • Amazon invests in Anthropic, offering potential growth avenues for the startup and integrating Claude into its ecosystem.

Anthropic's growth trajectory, especially with Amazon's backing, signals a burgeoning era in AI chatbot technology. The deliberate exclusions raise intriguing questions about AI's global adaptability, but it's undeniable that the industry's landscape is evolving rapidly, with giants like Amazon taking keen interest.

Read more here


📷 Headshot Pro: professional corporate headshots, without physical photo shoot

As technology evolves, photography has seen notable shifts, especially with tools like AI headshot generators.

One standout from 2023 is Headshot Pro. Whether you're a business owner, job applicant, or someone wanting a better online image, this tool offers a practical solution: users upload a selfie, pick a style, and swiftly receive around 120 refined images. While Headshot Pro makes improvements to lighting and facial features, it importantly retains the core feel of the original photo. While advertised turnaround is two hours, many note receiving shots in less time.

More info here


🪄 Adobe’s experimenting with AI generated fill for videos

Adobe has recently pulled back the curtain on Project Fast Fill, an avant-garde AI feature allowing for refined video manipulation.

Unveiled at their MAX conference, this experimental technology, through generative AI and text-prompt commands, is geared towards seamlessly adding or subtracting objects from videos. Not just confined to stills, it operates similarly to Google’s Magic Editor. Think of effortlessly swapping accessories on a moving person or erasing tourists from a scenic view.

Leveraging their updated Firefly AI models, Adobe hopes to expand Fast Fill's capabilities in line with what Project Stardust does for photographs, such as hue alterations through mere text prompts. Even though Project Fast Fill is still in its experimental phase, history shows Adobe's penchant for integrating such features into their Creative Cloud. The company envisions integrating this tool into Premiere Pro and After Effects, albeit without a set timeline.

Read more here


🔋 AI just got 100-fold more energy efficient

Engineers at Northwestern University have created a revolutionary nanoelectronic device that delivers real-time AI data processing, using a staggering 100 times less energy than existing technologies.

  • The device eliminates the need to send data to the cloud, thereby reducing lag and energy consumption.

  • Its compactness and efficiency make it an ideal fit for wearable electronics.

  • Using just two devices instead of the traditional 100 transistors, it accurately classified heartbeats from ECG datasets with almost 95% accuracy.

This innovation stands as a testament to the potential of merging advanced materials in electronics. By offering real-time, energy-efficient data processing in wearable tech, it can significantly improve health responses while preserving user privacy. Personally, I see this as a monumental step towards a more sustainable, efficient, and privacy-conscious AI future.

Read more here


✉️ TextcraftAI

The email AI assistant. (link)

🧠 BashSenpai

Terminal assistant powered by ChatGPT that transforms instructions into ready-to-use commands. (link)

🤖 AI-Flow

Connect multiple AI models easily. Open source and Free User-friendly UI application to create interactive networks with different AI models, fostering a multi-perspective response to various prompts. (link)

🪄 Durable AI

The AI website builder that generates an entire website with images and copy in seconds. (link)

Opera Browser’s Aria

Chat and create with Aria on mobile and desktop. Opera’s free AI chatbot answers your questions and generates content with real-time access to the web. (link)


🧑‍💻️ Using GPT-4 as a negotiation simulator


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