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  • 🧠 Chat with your personal knowledge AI, right in WhatsApp

🧠 Chat with your personal knowledge AI, right in WhatsApp

PLUS: The 10 best AI-powered tools for photo editing

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Happy Wednesday, AI enthusiasts!


  • 🤖 Leak reveals Mistral's unreleased open source model comparable to GPT-4

  • 🔥 6 trending AI tools

  • 💬 AI Tool of the Day - Chat with your personal knowledge AI, right in WhatsApp

  • 🧠 Elon Musk says Neuralink has implanted its first brain chip in human

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  • 🐦 21 free AI iPhone apps

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Recently, a user named "Miqu Dev" uploaded a new AI model called "miqu-1-70b" to HuggingFace. This model is causing a buzz because it's almost as advanced as the well-known GPT-4 from OpenAI, and it appeared without any warning.

  • The sudden appearance of "miqu-1-70b" has turned heads. It bears a striking resemblance to high-profile AI models like Mistral's Mixtral 8x7b and Meta’s Llama 2, especially in its ability to perform tasks typically associated with GPT-4.

  • Arthur Mensch, the CEO of Mistral, confirmed that the model was inadvertently leaked by someone from a customer company. He also teased the AI community with mentions of ongoing development at Mistral, suggesting they might soon unveil models that rival or surpass GPT-4.

Why it matters: soon, highly advanced AI models like GPT-4 could become more widely accessible, potentially even through open-source channels. This means a broader range of powerful AI tools and applications might soon be available, opening up new possibilities for innovation and creativity in the AI space.


AI brews beer and your big ideas

What’s your biggest business challenge? Don’t worry about wording it perfectly or describing it just right. Brain dump your description into AE Studio’s new tool and AI will help you solve that work puzzle.

Describe your challenge in three quick questions. Then AI churns out solutions customized to you.

AE Studio exists to solve business problems. They build great products and create custom software, AI and BCI solutions. And they once brewed beer by training AI to instruct a brewmeister and then to market the result. The beer sold out – true story.

Beyond beer, AE Studio’s data scientists, designers and developers have done even more impressive things working 1:1 with founders and executives. They’re a great match for leaders wanting to incorporate AI and just generally deliver outstanding products built with the latest tools and tech.

If you’re done guessing how to solve work problems or have a crazy idea in your back pocket to test out, ask AI Ideas by AE Studio for free solutions, right now.


🔵 Bluedot: Free AI-powered Chrome extension for Google Meet. (link)

🤖 Holly: Your AI recruiter assistant. Always on, always learning. (link)

📈 Graphy: Marketing reports in minutes. (link)

🎨 OpenArt: App store for AI image apps. (link)

🔐 GPTGuard: Keep your ChatGPT conversations secure and private. (link)

🚀 Pagemaker: Build converting landing pages in just 10 minutes. (link)


Keepi is a free AI-powered tool that operates within WhatsApp, offering a smart way to manage your digital knowledge. It learns from the content you feed it, becoming more intelligent over time and providing a tailored knowledge management experience.

Intelligent content learning: Keepi doesn't just store your links, images, and texts; it analyzes and learns from them. This enables it to provide contextual information and relevant insights based on the content you've shared.

Effortless information retrieval: Ask Keepi about any stored item, and it fetches it for you in WhatsApp. Its learning capability means it understands your queries better over time, making retrieval more efficient.

Dynamic knowledge organization: Keepi organizes your content in a user-friendly manner, adapting to the way you store and ask for information, ensuring a personalized and efficient management system.

Why it matters: Keepi is a smart assistant in your WhatsApp chat that understands your needs and evolves with your usage patterns, making information retrieval a breeze and turning WhatsApp into a powerful knowledge management tool.


Elon Musk's Neuralink implanted its first brain chip into a human, a milestone in neurotechnology. The FDA approved the trial, and the patient is recovering well. Early results show promising neuron spike detection, crucial for transmitting information in the brain. The chip has potential to control devices through thought, initially for those with limb loss.

Musk calls it "Telepathy" and believes it can revolutionize communication. This advancement moves towards brain-computer interfaces. The trial, named Prime, focuses on safety and functionality for quadriplegics. Neuralink hints at future projects like "Blindsight" to restore eyesight. Despite regulatory challenges, Neuralink's progress is closely watched, with the trial marking a new era in medical technology and communication.


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