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  • 🧠 You can now talk with multiple GPTs in the same chat

🧠 You can now talk with multiple GPTs in the same chat

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Happy Monday, AI enthusiasts!


  • 🧠 You can now talk with multiple GPTs in the same chat

  • 🔥 5 trending AI tools

  • 🤖 Turn your dreams into reality with AI

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  • 🐦 Bard surpasses GPT-4

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OpenAI has rolled out a new feature for ChatGPT users: now you can chat with multiple GPTs at once, right in the same window. It's like having a team of AI experts in your pocket, each ready to chime in with their unique skills.

  • Mentions: By typing "@" followed by a GPT's name, users can effortlessly bring various GPTs into the conversation. This ease of integration means no more switching between chats or losing context.

  • Multiple interactions: Whether you're tackling complex tasks or seeking creative input, this feature enables access to specialized GPTs in one window. It's like having a panel of experts, each contributing their unique perspective.

  • Collaborative intelligence: The GPTs not only coexist but are aware of each other's responses, ensuring a more coherent and enriched interaction.

Users now have a more efficient, insightful, and cohesive AI experience at their fingertips. It's a significant step towards making AI a more integrated and collaborative part of our digital interactions.


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Prophetic, a neurotechnology startup, has unveiled Morpheus-1, an AI model designed to induce and stabilize lucid dreaming. This technology represents a novel approach in the intersection of artificial intelligence and our daily lives.

  • Ultrasound Holograms: Morpheus-1 uses the current brain state as a prompt to generate ultrasound holograms. These holograms are then sent to the brain, initiating and maintaining a stable lucid dream state.

  • AI-Powered Lucid Dreaming: The model, named after the Greek god of dreams, utilizes transformer technology akin to ChatGPT and MidJourney. It takes brain activity as input, creating shaped sound waves that interact with the brain, thus facilitating a controlled dream environment.

  • The Halo Headband: To accompany Morpheus-1, Prophetic is releasing 'The Halo', a headband product designed for beta testing in the spring. This headband is crucial for delivering the ultrasound holograms into the brain.

This translates to a new form of consciousness exploration, potentially allowing for therapeutic applications like nightmare treatment and PTSD management. However, it's essential to approach this technology with caution, considering its impact on natural sleep patterns and the overall safety of brain state manipulation.


🐦️️ Bard surpasses GPT-4


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