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  • 👓 Brilliant Labs’ new AI glasses have ‘Superpowers’ and a comical charging nose

👓 Brilliant Labs’ new AI glasses have ‘Superpowers’ and a comical charging nose

PLUS: Google Gemini vs ChatGPT: The Final Showdown

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  • 👓 Brilliant Labs’ new AI glasses have ‘Superpowers’ and a comical charging nose

  • 🔥 5 trending AI tools

  • 🔎 Arc Search: Web Browsing Reimagined

  • 🤖 Google Gemini Advanced vs ChatGPT: The Final Showdown

  • ⚡️ 5 quick and fresh AI updates

  • 🐦 Gamma, the future of presentations

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Years after Google Glass fizzled out and while Apple is currently pushing its high-end mixed reality Vision Pro, could Frame be the smart glasses that finally get it right? These $349 glasses from startup Brilliant Labs offer "AI superpowers" like instant translation, on-the-spot visual analysis, and web search – all while promising an open-source platform for customization.

  • Voice-activated AI assistant for visual identification, web search, and translation.

  • Small display projects information directly onto the lens.

  • Open-source platform allows for customization and hacking.

  • Optional prescription lenses available.

  • "Mister Power" charger provides fast charging and extended battery life.

Why it Matters: frame smart glasses emphasize AI utility and an open-source approach, offering a different direction for smart eyewear. Their accessible price and focus on customization might finally give consumers and developers the genuinely useful AI-powered glasses they've been waiting for.

Read more here / Preorder here


What you need for better GenAI applications

Learn more from Pinecone Research on how Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) using Pinecone serverless increases relevant answers from GPT-4 by 50%.

- The larger the search data, the more “faithful” the results.

- RAG with massive on-demand data outperforms GPT-4 (without RAG) by 50%, even with the data it was explicitly trained on.

- RAG, with a lot of data, ensures state of the art performance no matter the LLM you choose, encouraging the use of different LLMs (e.g., open-source or private LLMs).


😂 Goody-2: A hilariously responsible AI model that won’t answer anything that could be possibly construed as controversial or problematic. (link)

🎬 Rizzle AI: No edit video creation. (link)

🎨 Capitol AI: AI content creation blending storytelling, design & research. (link)

🫂 Yuna AI: Your mental health companion. (link)

⚙️ SmartChat Assistant: Create AI powered bots, embed with ease. (link)


Touted by many as the potential "Google killer," Arc Search is an iPhone web browser that seeks to redefine the online search experience with its powerful AI integration. This browser challenges traditional models by presenting summarized information first, offering a less cluttered design, and fundamentally changing how we search the web.

  • AI-powered summaries: Condenses web pages into easy-to-understand digests, saving users time deciphering lengthy content.

  • Clean, decluttered design: Presents information directly without distractions common to many search engines.

  • Enhanced search: Provides richer search results with broader context than standard search tools.

Why it matters: Arc Search signals a potential shift in the web search experience. For users craving efficiency and clarity, its AI-assisted approach presents a compelling alternative to the web's often overwhelming information landscape.


XDA Developers takes a deep dive into Google Gemini Advanced and ChatGPT Plus. Does Google's contender offer superior speed, features, and value for AI enthusiasts?

  • Can Gemini Advanced's speed dethrone ChatGPT Plus?

  • Does Google integration provide a significant advantage?

  • Which AI offers the most for your money?

Read more here


🧐 How Walmart, Delta, Chevron and Starbucks are using AI to monitor employee messages

🚀 Nvidia pursues $30 billion custom chip opportunity with new unit

🤑 OpenAI Hits $2 Billion Revenue Milestone

🏈 Companies hope Super Bowl AI commercials score with viewers

😵‍💫 Google Gemini hallucinates Super Bowl’s result


🐦️️ Gamma, the future of presentations


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