🧠 Alexa just got three new AI skills

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  • 🧠 Alexa just got three new AI skills

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Amazon's announcement at CES 2024 introduces three interesting AI-driven skills for Alexa, transforming how we interact with it. Here’s a glimpse into these new features, already accessible to all Echo and Alexa users via the Alexa app and the Alexa Skills website:

  • Character.AI: This skill turns Alexa into a portal to history and fantasy. Imagine having a chat with Einstein about relativity or getting life advice from famous personalities. It's an interactive experience that brings a diverse range of characters to your living room. You can also use Character.AI to chat with trip planners, dating coaches, fitness coaches, and other AI helpers to get help and advice.

  • Splash Music: For the music enthusiasts, Splash Music is a game-changer. Just describe your mood or preferred genre, and Alexa will compose a custom track for you. It's a personalized musical experience, reflecting the creative potential of AI in everyday life.

  • Volley Games: Injecting fun into classic games, Volley Games offers an AI-twisted version of 20 questions. It’s a simple yet engaging way to test your guessing skills, guided by AI.

Why it matters: these new developments for Alexa are just the tip of the iceberg in what seems to be an AI makeover for the platform. As technology evolves, it's clear that Alexa is set to become increasingly AI-centric. Nowadays, that’s the only way to stay ahead of the curve.


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💫 JotUrl

New AI-driven call-to-actions to boost your conversions. (link)

📷 PixelCut AI Shadows

Generate realistic shadows for professional-looking product photos. (link)

📮 Remail

Remail is a Gmail and Outlook extension that uses AI to draft high quality emails in seconds for any language. (link)

🤖 Flot.ai

Integrate ChatGPT into your daily workflow and pop up ChatGPT anywhere you type or highlight the text on any app or webpage. Write, improve, paraphrase, summarize,explain, translate,or reply to any text with one click. (link)

🚀 Meshy

Effortlessly turn text and images into captivating 3D assets in under a minute. (link)


🧑‍🍳️ Healthy Chef

Recipe creator with visual and nutritional insights. (link)

Habit Mastery

Your habit-forming coach. (link)

🎨 Mona Logo

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💡 Writing a meeting summary

Summarize the 5 main takeaways from these meeting notes:
[Insert Meeting Notes Here]
Summarize the decisions made and the next steps outlined in these meeting notes:
[Insert Meeting Notes Here]
Summarize these meeting notes. It is imperative that the summary captures the essence of our deliberations accurately and succinctly.

Analyze these notes and provide a structured executive summary. Include key points discussed, major decisions taken, and any action items identified. I need precision and attention to the nuances of our conversation.

[Insert Meeting Notes Here]

🐦️️ Google Assistant with Bard


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