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  • 🧠 21 of the best free AI tools you'll actually want to use

🧠 21 of the best free AI tools you'll actually want to use

PLUS: "AI won’t threaten humans"

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Happy Monday, AI enthusiasts!


  • 🧠 21 of the best free AI tools you'll actually want to use

  • 💡 AI tool of the day - Melon: bring your second brain to life

  • 🦾 Meta chief AI scientist says AI won’t threaten humans

  • 🔥 5 trending AI tools

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🧠 21 of the best free AI tools you'll actually want to use

In today’s fast-moving world, AI tools are a big help, they can make many tasks easier and save lots of time. But with so many AI tools out there, finding the best ones can be hard.

Many of you asked us to spotlight some AI tools that could be used for free, so we rolled up our sleeves to find and test the best ones you could wish for. Now, we're excited to share them with you in an article featuring our favorite AI tools that really deliver.

From helping with writing and business tasks to generating AI images and audio, these AI tools cover a lot. Take a look and see how they can help make your work easier and more fun.

Discover the tools on All Trends AI


The AI team you didn’t know your company needed — until now

Hire world-class AI experts from Harvard, Stanford and MIT

Not sure how to implement the right AI strategy for your product? Hire AE Studio's world class team of software builders to craft and implement the optimal AI solution for your business.

Our development, data science and design studio work closely with founders and executives to create custom software, machine learning and BCI solutions.

From custom-built MVPs to bespoke AI/ML solutions, see how you can leverage AI to achieve your business objectives. 


🍈 Melon: bring your second brain to life

Melon is a personal AI learning companion, designed to help users build a digital twin of their brain, where they can store and organize insights gathered from various online sources.

  • Melon transforms digital clutter into coherent insights and promotes effective application of knowledge.

  • It offers a unique community where users can share and grow together, learning from each other's insights.

  • It is especially beneficial for young professionals seeking to optimize their digital lifestyles and become thought leaders in their fields.

In conclusion, Melon serves as a tool in the digital learning landscape, promoting a more thoughtful and organized approach to information consumption and knowledge application and aiming to redefine the way we perceive and interact with digital content.

More info here


🦾 Meta chief AI scientist says AI won’t threaten humans

Yann LeCun, Meta's chief AI scientist, discussed the future implications of artificial intelligence with the Financial Times, addressing the ongoing debate about AI's potential dangers to humanity.

  • LeCun believes that AI posing an existential threat to humanity is "preposterous."

  • He warns against premature regulation, suggesting it might only benefit Big Tech.

  • Other industry leaders have expressed contrasting views, emphasizing AI's potential risks.

Since ChatGPT-4's release by OpenAI in November 2022, the debate around AI's risk has intensified. While AI luminaries like Geoffrey Hinton have expressed their concerns, LeCun remains optimistic, foreseeing AI becoming an integral part of our daily life.

Read more here


📑 PDF.ai

From legal agreements to financial reports, PDF.ai brings your documents to life. You can ask questions, get summaries, find information, and more. (link)

🗃 Monic.ai

Create quizzes, flashcards, summaries in seconds and chat with AI using your own files. (link)

💬 ChatNode

Train ChatGPT on your data. (link)

🚀 Humata

ChatGPT for all your files. Learn, Create Reports, Analyze Documents 100X Faster. Ask Questions & Get Answers About Any File Instantly. (link)

🖋 Writesonic

Your one-stop solution for content creation, audio generation, image crafting, and AI chatbot development. (link)


🤖 Competitor analysis

For optimal results, use the 'Browse with Bing' model in GPT-4 to gather more information about the competitor, and then integrate this information into the default GPT-4 model.

As a [insert job], I've noticed [insert competitor name] gaining market share in our industry. Ask me 10 questions about my competitor and then provide a deep dive analysis on their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and recommend potential counter-strategies.

🧑‍🎨️️ Generating an illustrated story with DALL-E 3


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